Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fear and Loathing in...Indonesia?

Selamat Pagi!

For some reason Blogger thinks I'm Indonesian. Buggered if I know why...

I don't live here.

I will admit to studying Indonesian in highschool, but sadly my grasp of the Indonesian language is fairly limited. And when I say limited, I really mean limited to useful phrases such as:

Laba laba besar di atas anak-anak kecil, ayo ke pantai!

Which translates roughly to:

The big spider is on top of the small child, lets go swimming!

This is basically how I communicate in Indonesian, only I follow it up with a suggestion about swimming.

As you can see with such a fantastic handle on this beautiful language, it's amazing that I wasn't actually born in the country or are currently the president.
Yet when I push the 'next blog button' on Blogger, it takes me to a completely random blog. And when I say completely random, I really mean 'someones Blogger blog written in Indonesian'. I can tell it's Indonesian because I recognize a few key words but fall short of actually making too much sense of it with my ruidmentary grasp of high school Behasa Indonesian.

Still, the pictures are nice in most of them and I thank Google's (they own Blogger) invitation to increase my multiculturalism. I'm sure Google will be thrilled to hear that I have been to beautiful Bali before but dissapointed when I discovered everyone spoke in English. In fact the one (and only time) I thanked someone over there in their native tongue, they just about did a backflip - amazed a tourist would care enough to learn the language.

More blogs about cars, beer and radio announcers though next time please Blogger. And maybe take that big spider off the poor child, it's been there long enough.

Ayo ke sekolah kucing kucing kecil!


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