Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Being Lara Bingle: The alternatives!

Not looking forward to sweeping back the sequined curtain and exploring the complex life that is Lara Bingo...er...Bingle in the upcoming Being Lara Bingle tv show on channel Ten? According to most social media, you're definitely not in the minority there...


However before you throw your non-reality show loving TV through the nearest church window, relax and be thankful that I've created some alternatives! (Now it's just up to Channel 10 to buy the rights off me and I'll be a squiilionaire!)

Check em out here!

Instead of Being Lara Bingle, how about any of the following?

BEING A FRUIT TINGLE: Each week we delve behind the scenes of a different colour fruit tingle. Whose the most popular colour? Why don't green and yellow get on well anymore? What really did happen in the great tingle mouthful of 09? All secrets revealed on Being a Fruit Tingle!

BEING A CD SINGLE: Life is lonely when you're a CD Single, especially with the rise of mp3 and itunes sales. Will our largely ignored CD single finally find a warm home in a cd player or car somewhere or is it destined for bargain bin/ 2 dollar shop obscurity?

BEING LARA'S BANGLE: See the world of Lara Bingle from the comfort of her own wrist! (And her Jewellery box!) Life's not easy being a celebrity bangle, especially when she leaves you at home and wears a different piece of jewellery out! When will this necklace envy end?

BEING LARA'S BENGAL: If Lara ever buys a Tiger, then I'm well ahead of the game with this concept. It hinges of course on Lara purchasing said Tiger of course but I'm confident it'll happen at some stage...

BEING LARA'S USB DONGLE: Finally, one for the tech heads. Each week we check it to see if anything has happened with Lara Bingle's USB Dongle. Usually the answer is a resounding 'no'...but you never know!..


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