Monday, July 23, 2012

Both feet must touch the floor - my highlights of the 2011 Royal Rumble

Occasionally when I'm in a tired mood after a busy day of driving my rotor closer to the grave and praising the virtues of Flo Rida's song about Netball, I like to relax in a sink in couch in front of a big screen TV and switch my brain off.

I do this with one of my guilty pleasure past times: watching some wrestling.

Lets get ready to rumble!
And I love every grunt, groan, cheap shot and powerslam along the way. 

And so on the weekend after my son's first birthday party was over, after the momumental clean up job and after the last straggling survivors finally bought the clue to leave, I popped in my copy of WWE'S Royal Rumble 2011.

Because the last time I watched it was back in 2011 and I'd completely forgotten a) who won it and b) who was in it. If that's not a good enough reason to revisit the action in the squared circle, I have no idea what is.

And it was better than I remembered due to the following high spots and highlights:

My favorite Jim Morrison impersonator wreslter John Morrison defys gravity again and channels his inner Spiderman by leaping to the crowd barriers and then managing to leap back to the ringside steps. This is about as exciting as his actions in the rumble get actually as I can't remember anything that happens with him after that.

Oooh, Chavo!
Chavo turns up and I almost lose my beer in excitement because too much Chavo is barely enough. On top of that he finally manages to perform his Uncle Eddie's 3 Amigos suplex without interuption after trying it on just about everyone in the ring at the time in a hilarious spot.
Can you dig it, Suckaaaaaaaa!!!
Booker T's music hits, crowd goes nuts. Booker T walks out, both crowd and I go nuts. Booker races to the ring like he can't beleive he's here then gets pummeled by the new Nexus. He manages a crowd pleasing Spineroonie before being turfed out and lands outside the ring still performing that legendary 'stunned mullet' look all the way back to the locker room. 

Hornswoggle hits John Cena's Attitude adjustment. This was far more exciting that watching John Cena ever do it.

What's a Rumble without a former superstar or two? Oh holy slobberknocker, it's Kevin Nash! Sorry, Diesel actually although one of the announcers (Striker?) keeps calling him 'D-Sal' like it's short for something like 'desalination plant'. Kevin ambles out, spends some time putting a glove on and then continued to amble towards the ring where he rolls in, hits a few people's pretty much where my notes end. He ambled back to the locker room, stared down Big Show (as much as one can) before ambling off to a nice comfy seat somewhere backstage. While not as exciting as seeing Piper and Jimmy Snuka battling it out, it's great to see classic wrestlers (Bob Backlund anyone?) getting a spot in the rumble.
And finally:

Santino almost wins it! Holy hell, what an entertaining upset that would be! He doesn't though (if you haven't seen it I won't spoil it by revealing who wins, fair to say that it's a very entertaining finish!)

Wow, can't wait til I forget who wins this years Rumble again!


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