Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Adventures of Almigo - now available on Newsify!

...Well it will be, once you download Newsify for your clever phone device and add this site to it.

That's my article on the top left, in amongst the helpful stuff.

That way you won't miss a single one of my insane ramblings while away from your work desk! Bonus!

If you're an IOS user, you can check out this brilliant little app here

It has words and pics and everything! Zoinks!

If you use Android, Windows, Potatopeeler or A Blackboard on your phoning device thing, then this site should work on most free RSS readers (and if you do read this on a phone device, could you let us know which one?)

Anyone got any good suggestions on what I should add to my Newsify feed? I'm really enjoying the smack out of this little app right now!


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