Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where Mitisubishi's are falling from the sky

My father in law is a pretty amazing bloke. From the school of 'Roll up your sleeves and give the troubled machinery a well deserved hammering til it sings again' there's not much he can't fix. (I know this first hand as I've gone to him time and time again with the opening line 'Well Baz you'll never guessed what I broke this time..')

And while he's a gun mechanic, he's also a bit of motorsport fanatic and has even gone to the trouble of carving out his own mini rally track out the back of his farm for his sons, his son in laws and himself to have a bit of a blurt around (you can find out more about it here). And slowly but surely he's been adding a few more car bits and pieces for rally afternoon hilarity.

Once upon a time he helped the other brother in law's brother with moving a car on a trailer...and came back with $50 and a 1989 Mitsuibishi Lancer for his trouble. Which promptly turned into his latest dubious rally weapon and even more farm track hilarity.

Baz gets paid in rally cars now

Today over coffee he revealed that the brake master cylinder on the mighty Mitsu had broke. But over the weekend he'd sourced one from a local bloke that was only 12 months old. In typical Baz fashion however there was more to this story than first thought...

...because attatched to the 12 month old Mitsubishi Lancer brake master cylinder just happened to be...

And another one!

...the rest of a 1992 Mitsubishi Lancer.

Aside from the years difference and a different engine, they're practically identical, right down to the factory white. So now Baz has Lancer 2: The parts of Lancer for its worth in scrap ($150) and somehow he even convinced the bloke selling it to drive it to his house.

Testing for home made rally purposes continue as you read this but so far Baz isn't impressed that he can't really 'spin the wheels' as the take off in the latest Mitsuquisition leaves a lot to be desired (once you get it up to speed it's semi okay he reckons). But then again Mitsubishi probably never planned for this small commuter to meet dirt track action. He was happy to find a spare auto setup residing in the boot which the previous owner replaced and then theorised it was the broken torque converter and not the box causing the driving issues.
Spare parts and parts cars see a lot of use on Baz's farm.

At this stage he's planning to have one as a track car and the other 'possibly turned into a shooting rig, I'm not sure...'. It'll be a hilarious endevour no matter what he decides.

There's about 10 months apart between Mitsubushi additions to the rally force and at the rate Baz keeps earning/buying cheap parts cars, I'm sure by this time next year you'll find me writing about the latest car that he probably earned by ploughing a field or something...a ready to rally 1994 Mitsubishi Evo 2...


Well an amused son in law can dream...


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