Monday, May 26, 2014

There are some man mountains on my doorstep and they don't look amused

In my time on this little corner of the Interweb I've already explained my dismay with the advertising pointing out how my funeral probably won't have fireworks unless I start puttng some money away. Well that might be difficult you see, on account of all the ads currently that are attempting to put the fear in me that big burly blokes will be waiting on my doorstep shortly (after the threatening phone calls?...)

I wanna ave some words wif ya!

I'm referring of course to the slew of Credit Card Debt Management commercials that point out that if I don't stop buying Lear jets and great mountains of cocaine for my lavish 28 day parties in this bank owned grotto of mine, there'll come a day when I suddenly wake up, get up off my mink skinned mattress and realise I'm suddenly afraid of answering the phone due to the Everest levels of coin owed to various financial institutions. Oh and I'm about to get crushed by big bastards in black suits.

Yes those ads for credit crunchers or card bustups or card destroyers or plastic smashers or debt drillers or mountain mashers or vanishing debt vortex or any of the other 987 different debt release agencies that bombard nightly commercial logs. Those ones. The ones promising that they'll take care of everything, you just sign the dotted line and sit back and relax while black hole debt hoovers or whatever they're called fix your debt Everest*. *For a fee or two. 

They'll go in with all financial wheeling and dealing guns blazing while you sit back and celebrate your new found financial freedom buy treating yourself to a shopping spree. Only you don't really have the cash, so a small purchase or too on the plastic wouldn't hurt would it?
Would it?
Oh dear...
Just a small treat then. Like perhaps a VW?
Yes I get there's a need for these services, but the fact that they seem to the be the flavor of the month (for a few months now it seems) and there's so many of them leads to some concern. Are we all a nation of plastic fantastics and credit consumers that we need a new credit card rescue service every day? Are these the next boom business?

Or are the people who have used this service falling into that repeater trap of wash, rinse, repeat and 'what was the number of negative debt nailers again?' Whatever the reason, if you belong to one of these debt disapearing companies, could you ease off the commercials for a time? I'm already annoyed that TV has pointed out I'm going to kick the tipper truck one day, enough with the fear of debt collectors and skip tracers dirtying my doorway sometime soon...


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