Sunday, November 8, 2015

A home made horse tougher than a two dollar steak

This week I got my muscles crushed, ended up in Casualty (totally unrelated) and built the roughest and toughest looking horse possible.

Rougher than this thing.

Oh and I might start collecting razors in order to make me a millionaire.


We ended up at Casualty at Bendigo Health on the weekend after my little bloke woke up to a couple of coughing fits, rough breathing and an all round feeling of being rougher than sandpaper. Obviously it's not the place anyone plans to be on a Sunday afternoon but the staff were nothing short of incredible and treated him like an absolute prince. Tea and coffee for us, coloring books for him and an incredible bedside manner to keep him smiling. After some initial treatment he started to perk up a bit and by the end of our stay he was the happy questioning little curiosity machine he's always been. By morning he was his usual twin turbo mile a minute excitement machine that we know and love - glorious :)
Remember mums and dads, when in doubt, get your kids checked out. It's a message the ripper team at Bendigo Health happily remind us with every visit.


On Saturday afternoon I had the sudden urge to venture into my shed of wonder, emerge with every power tool I ever owned and proceed to build something. Anything. And if it turned it something that looked good or even better, was useful, well that was a bonus.
So after a few hours, I built a sawhorse!

Of course I didn't just want some rinky dink run of the mill lightweight pony to help me out in my woodwork destruction projects, I needed something tougher than a two dollar steak grilled beyond belief in the fires of the hottest forge. So I got a little carried away and made...


Cost effective too as I only spent $10 to buy the 2x4's for the legs from Bunnings, the rest of the wood was stuff that I pulled out of the shed when Baz was helping out with the rebuild. Of course the shelf in the middle idea came later when I sat back with my third coffee of the hour and thought 'It can't end here, what can I do with the middle bit'. And even though it's 99% finished I'm still looking at it and thinking 'What else should I bolt into this thing...'

I can attest that this is a ripper DIY woodwork project for beginners and will undoubtedly come in handy for future and bigger projects. To create SUPERSAWHORSE MEGA 2000 I used:

Four pine offcuts from my local Bunnings - $9.50
Scrap wood I had laying around
Various wood screws from the shed rebuild
Four hex head screws from a pulled down fence (countersunk in the top block to make it a bit easier to remove the block if I accidentally cut through it..)
PVA glue
A couple of 3 inch G clamps
Mitre box
Mitre Saw (Similar to this FatMax one in the link)
Ryobi drill
Ryobi Jigsaw

Now to whip up it's supporting brother...


Now relax!

I got a massage from a guy last week that probably taught former wrestler Meng/Haku how to apply the Tongan Death Grip to maximum effect. Seriously, this guy probably makes a fortune on weekends crushing coal into diamonds because his grip was that strong, I was wincing with every muscle explosion. I've experienced this before once when my shoulder was in intense pain and needed quite a bit of force to get blood to flow through it again properly...but never in a general 'This should help you relax' effort.
To be honest I did feel great after it...but it's not so much fun when you suddenly feel like you're in the middle of a wrestling ring and someone has slapped on a submission maneuver.


While buying my favorite disposable razors the other day I noticed that Schick have brought out a 'Limited Edition' razor - where once it was cool blue, now it's angry orange. And while I work in an industry that thrives on advertising, I'm still wondering what the point of creating a 'Limited Edition' disposable razor if the only thing that changed was the color of the handle? Who collects these things after the sharp bit goes dull?

Wait, did you say an orange one??

It's highly doubtful that in any future conversations with mates the topic of the limited edition orange Schick razor will ever eventuate. And if it does, there probably won't be a minutes silence for the fact that you can't buy the orange version anymore. 

Maybe I should horde my remaining ones and sell em for a mint on eBay when stocks run out...hmm, clever thinking!

So, how was your weekend?

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  1. Interesting read, I wish I had a tool shed where I could make stuff like that for myself.


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