Monday, May 29, 2017

Grab my first book while it's free!! (Limited time)

For a limited time, my very first book is currently free to download.
Yes free. No cost, zip, nada, free.

Battle lines for the top spot have been drawn...

But you'll want to be quick because it's a very short term deal...

How short? Well you've got until May 31 when it reverts back to it's original price tag of 99 cents. And while that's still a bargain, who doesn't like a #freebie?

You can download it for free right now. 

That's really not much time I know (considering I'm typing this on May 29...) but hey better late than ever hey?

Call it a gift to say thanks for checking out my work.
Call it an early Christmas present.
Call it a great way to boost interest in my writing.
Call it a great chance for it to get a higher ranking in the charts when it comes off from being free and gains more interest from there. (Yes there is a method to my madness)

Just don't stand around for too long trying to work out exactly what you want to call it as the offer will end before you finally find something you like.

If you're keen on a free copy, this link right here will take you to the Amazon page when you can download it to your hearts content.


What happens if I enjoy it?

Well you could post up a review if you like, that would be really handy and appreciative. Also if you get to the end and decide that you'd like to read this next one, well you're in luck too as it's available through Amazon (from May 30)  or through Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Inktera through this link.

Did I mention I'm currently working on my third one too? It's fair to say I'm really enjoying writing.

Anyway grab it for free, check it out and let me know what you think :)

Cheers and chat soon


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