Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bad day behind the furniture desk

Well it was a simple plan - find a well priced recliner suite to replace our ageing and oversized chaise lounge setup that had seen better days. And after a couple of weeks of searching, pricing and parking our bums on ever seat we could find, we finally found the one to buy.
So we did.

And then things started to get strange after that...

Salesperson: 'Now have you bought anything from us before?'

Me: 'Possibly from this company, not from this store though.'

Salesperson: 'Okay can I have your mobile phone number please?'

A quick check of the furniture store system and she could find no record of me. Not to worry, we'll just punch in your details and go from there.

Actual staff photo

Salesperson: 'That that a suburb just up the road?'

Me: 'Yes, about 10 minutes drive from here.'

Salesperson: 'I'm not from here you see, I worked on the other side of town for the last four years...'

Me: 'Okay.'

She then informed me that the following would happen:
-After 5pm I'd receive a text message that would give me a three hour window of time when my new suite could possibly be delivered tomorrow.
-The delivery people would call me an hour before I showed up.

And of course after 5pm arrived with nary a text message. Then 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and still no word. I had messages from family and friends completely unrelated to recliners, but nothing from the furniture shop. So when I finished work and arrived home, hunted down the receipt and discovered that my mobile phone number was completely wrong.
In fact it wasn't even close.

Well that's handy - someone would have gotten a strange text message explaining to brace themselves for a three hour window when they may receive a free couch. Lovely.

At 9am the next day I was straight on the phone and lucky me, I copped the same sales lady from when I bought it. I quickly explained that my mobile phone number was incorrect:
'Yes I tried calling that number but got no answer..'
Well of course not, it's not mine!
So she took down the mobile phone number again and promised to pass it onto the delivery truck driver asap. Then she decided to double check the address:

'Your address is still number 10 on Smith Circuit?'

Oh god, that wasn't right either. What the hell was going on here?? I started to wonder if my new purchase would ever make it over here or if I'd get it and find out I'd ended up with 46 throw rugs instead by accident.

'Oh sorry, you didn't want the throw rugs?'

This is not what I ordered..

Thankfully the experience was well and truly improved by the incredible delivery team. True to form they called me an hour before the delivery window...and then showed up 30 minutes later cheerful and chipper and more than happy to put everything together for us. They laughed and joked with the kids, showed me how to dismantle my new chairs if I needed to move them anywhere and were in and out before I could tell the kids 'No eating near the couches!'

If only they'd been the ones manning the sales desk.

And I could only imagine what fun we'd be having if I didn't call to check up on my order.

Still the couches are here, they're comfy, they recline and so far my 2 year daughter has kept all traces of yoghurt away from the cushions. Life is good.
Well until we need a tallboy or something else from the furniture shop..


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