Friday, November 10, 2017

3 must have page turning barn burning essential reads you won't be able to put down

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Wait, you wrote a book? 

Three of them actually. Something I've wanted to do for...erm...ever. A change of jobs, a completely different lifestyle and changed working hours meant that finally I could put pen to paper (actually more like fingers to keyboard) and finally publish something. Three books later and now I'm busy excitedly working on my very first sci-fi novel...

Tell me about your books!

Sure! You can even click on the links to take you to the book's page. (Don't have a kindle or e-reader? Just download the free app for your phone on Android or iPhone!

The adventures of Almigo 1: One man, no plan and everything that happens along the way.

A bathtub full of squirming cockroaches, the keys to a monster truck and a limousine that threatened to fall to pieces with every corner. Welcome to another day in radio...

For the last 17 years Almigo has found himself in plenty of head scratching adventures both in and outside the radio studio. In this collection of tales from his lunatic journey find out how he ended up pouring cockroaches all over a woman in a bath tub, got confused for a local hardened criminal and almost managed to impale himself with a broken ice cream scoop on Valentines day.

From crazy radio people to the time he got involved in a wrestling match and got slapped for his efforts, from his trip to a wedding soaked in petrol to attempting to sell sex dice at his garage sale, he also reveals what he’d do if he mistakenly got elevated to management, how he’d fix reality TV and the incredible finds unearthed in his own backyard with the worlds cheapest metal detector.
Strap yourself in - it's a bumpy and random ride but one full of moments of hilarity and endless laughs along the way.

The adventures of Almigo 2: Live from the El Dorado Flats

'Every stupid adventure has to start somewhere...' and for the radio announcer known as Almigo there have been plenty of strange places that have kicked off some very memorable and occasionally downright crazy moments. 

After not managing to knock himself unconscious through the first book, join him in his latest instalment as he attempts to badly judge a karaoke competition, keep out of trouble with a horde of lunatic and occasionally deranged neighbours, tries not to destroy a half a million dollar sports car, attempts to keep his sanity with his radio callers and battles the elements with just a fridge box and some garbage bags for company..

Court Jester of the Castle (currently on sale for .99c US!)

Al bought a house. Al bought a house that started to attract some very weird people like the local sheriff, an ex-criminal, charity collectors and a screaming banshee. Al bought a house that was full of things that didn't make any sense, like the possible swingers party/ opium den back shed and the mystery under house speaker. Al bought a house and with his budget of not much at all, attempted to patch things up with his next to zero skills in DIY often making things hilariously worse. Al bought a house and along the way created an undead mower, fought against diarrhetic sparrows, waged war against mafia roses and glued himself together with liquid nails. 
And then Al had to sell the house in a hurry.

The hilariously true story of harrowing home ownership by a guy who came, saw and conquered absolutely nothing at all. Full of handy advice of what not to do when rolling up the sleeves and essential reading if you're in the position to finally stop renting and move into a place you can't wait to call your own.

(Want to grab the first few chapters as a freebie? You sure can - enjoy this preview copy right here!


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