Saturday, July 21, 2018

The art of terrible negotiation

So I've got my tax return back. In my usual process of working through the list of things I've been keen to buy when I finally have some money, I've been looking out for a memory upgrade for my home PC. And in my search for some DDR3 ram I've come across a truly terrible negotiation technique.

Hello, I'm Mr Long Term..

Long term silence.

In the first two cases I responded to a couple of Facebook market ads selling what I was looking for. The first one got my message...then four hours after that fact finally marked the item sold. Obviously he didn't want to disappoint me with the news that he was selling it to someone else.

The second one was very quick to respond and gave me the update that it was sadly sold already. That's A-OK, I appreciate the prompt response.

So I posted an ad myself explaining what I was looking for and was happy to pick it up if nearby or pay for postage. And like fresh bait in an untapped fishing spot, it wasn't long before someone came a calling via Facebook Messenger: (picture is a completely miss the mark non

Hey buddy, do you still need a ddr3 1600mhz?

Yep, what size have you got?

I got 2x 4gb 1600mhz kingston

And he provided a pic. This would go perfectly in my rig.

How much posted to 4209?

Offer pls

Surely if you had the item someone was looking for you'd know straight away what you'd want for it. But okay. So I gave him the price the other two ads had been selling it for posted.


Annnnd after I dropped that oppening offer, he disappeared off the face of the planet and never got back to me. It's been well over 48 hours now and all I've got is stone cold radio silence. Facebook tells me he got the message, but no reply. I can only think of the following three potential scenarios:

1. He's waiting for me to up my offer using deafening silence until he reads the offer he'd be satisfied with. 'I'm sorry, I missed a 1 there. Would you take $150 posted?'

2. Just as he's about to send a reply accepting my offer, a meteorite has struck his house and crushed him to oblivion.

3. My offer was so ludacrisly low (which it wasn't) that he's run off to create a series of tweets about it.

4. This is some weird week long negotiation tactic designed to make me sweat and open my wallet to the extreme when he finally makes contact again.

Sadly for him though I contacted another seller with a similar set of ram sticks only an hour ago and hashed out payment and delivery in the time it's taken you to read this post. There was no negotiation involved just I WANT, YOU GOT, I LIKE PROCE, HERE MONEY, SEND NOW, UGH CAVEMAN GET SHINIER ROCK.

I do wonder if I'll hear back from the first seller though. Maybe by the end of the month. Or the end of the year. Maybe he'll get back to my great grandkids.
Or perhaps he's busy making countless riches by going silent on many others and having the wall into his incredibly leathal bargaining trap..

Whatever it may be.


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