Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why my life is in complete and utter chaos!

I've recently changed shifts here at the radio station which means I now start three hours later than usual. Now while that's not exactly a huge stretch of time, it's completely thrown my life out of whack..

My world at the moment..

I've been getting up just before 5am for nigh on seven years now, mastering the art of pretending to be both alive and awake when the show kicks off at 6. But with my new show starting at 9 and a much needed sleep in, I've found that everything I'm used to has now been turned completely upside down:

- I have an alarm set for 7:30am weekdays that never actually gets to go off as a sleepy four year old son appears right next to the bed twenty minutes earlier and loudly announces that he needs to go to the toilet and dad better hurry up and open the bathroom door, or else. I don't remember ever seeing him at 5am...

- I wake up and shortly after sit down to a fine breakfast which could be cereal, fruit or occasionally the breakfast classic of bacon and eggs, washed down with a lovely black coffee. Previously breakfast would be roughly four and a half hours after I awoke and would consist of whatever was left over from dinner the previous night. My digestive system is not really sure what's going on now that my eating habits are roughly in sync with the rest of the world.

- I no longer zombie walk down a dark hallway and into walls, kids toys or furniture on the way to the shower, now having plenty of natural light to see by.

- My wife now no longer grunts something about having a good day from under the comfy doona on my way out the door. She's now as awake as I am having joined me for breakfast and chat about what antics my brother in law is up to.

- I have to wait to leave my driveway as at 8:40am surprisingly there's a lot more traffic down my street then that was at 5:35am. I am not used to sitting there idling while waiting for an opportunity to leave my own home.

What it looked like from my driveway this morning.
- There's one traffic light on my way to the station. When it's dark, there'll be a 99.99% chance I won't have to stop at it. But with people milling about, also doing this work 'commute' thing, it stays green shorter than my attention span during a business meeting. I am not used to having to apply brakes at this location at all!

- I can't take my pick of the carparks anymore. I just take what's left #1stworldparkingproblems

- At 2pm I can't leave for the day and go to the pub. Okay I didn't before my hours changed but I'd always like the opportunity to if the occasion came up...

Goodbye Cat and Custard Pot Inn...


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