Sunday, May 13, 2012

IOS 5.1.1 and the case of the missing battery (and how to ressurect it!)

Wonderful - I was only expressing the joy of being an Iphone owner just a few days ago when suddenly the latest IOS 5.1.1 update got released and humped my battery life into a coma.

It's dying here people, dying.

Seriously - my phone now eats battery like my 23 year old car drinks fuel. I'd expect my mighty Mazda 13B to chug like it's at a 21st birthday, that's what keeps my turbo happily humming. What I don't expect is to pull out my smart phone and watch the life drain right out of it with every button press...

I have this. In reverse. In no time flat.

Apparently I'm not alone as plenty of people have experienced the same pain of about 3% life drop every minute. Many have suggested switching off things including Location Services (done but I have to turn it back on when using Runkeeper), Bluetooth (never on anyway) and to kill any app when not in use (the phone doen't run much full stop) but things still chug away like a shareholder with shares in a beer company on come and try our product day.

So what's the answer here? Wait for Apple to catch on and hang out for IOS 5.1.2? Buy adroid and swear off iproducts for good? Turn it off for good and leave it as a museum piece? Tempting I know (especially when I have to have my phone on charge through most of the day just so I have a working phone...) but I'm going to try a couple of things before I really start to get really iAngry.

I stumbled across this gem of wisdom this morning (gained from here) and will give it a crack this afternoon with a report back (depending on how Itunes is feeling at the time) when I come across results (if any).

1.  Make sure all your apps are updated in iTunes first
2.  Restore phone to factory settings (click the Restore button in iTunes)
3.  Setup as New Phone <-- this is the key part.  Do NOT restore an old backup
4.  Re-sync your Apps/Media as if it was a new phone (DO NOT RESTORE)

Wish me luck!

24 hours later...

I'm back...

Holy hell, it worked! Usually at this time it's been off the charger for 5 hours and with under 50% battery life from not much use at all. This time around it's made a call, sent a few messages, played a game or two and a couple of email checks and it's at...95%!!

My battery lookes like this now. Full of life.
So yes, the steps above do work (thankfully) but make sure you do the following to avoid frustration:

1. Before you do anything, write down any necessary settings you'll need to key in again. Like wi-fi passwords and email setups.

2. Save EVERYTHING you don't want to lose. Especially photos, favourite ring tones and messages. This process will clear everything and start from scratch. Oh yeah and music. Wish I'd remember to save the list of what I had on it..

3. Realise that any saved game will be non-existant on your new phone. Better finish angry birds now.

4. Mine took the good part of an hour to becoming usable again. If you can't go that long without a phone, grab a backup.

But hey, small prices to pay for a phone with a battery life longer than a takeaway cappacino. Enjoy!

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