Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just got married, better check of the world's still spinning

I got married recently (happily I may add and by choice, there wasn't a single shotgun in the vicinity). It was a lavish ceremony involving a 21 gun salute, the RAAF roulettes flying in formation overhead and the guests arrived on elephants while Coldplay sang 'paradise' live. A truly beautiful spectacle.

Alright, I lie a little - we did run out of elephants early on in the piece so some of the guests did have to ride in on wild zebras but the fact still remains: I got married recently...

Looking good Uncle Barry!

Which has lead to me being inundated at work with one of the most amusing questions I've ever encountered (yes more amusing than telemarketers asking if I'm male or female in surveys):

"So, how's married life treating you?"

Like as soon as the ring was slipped on my finger, everything changed. I obviously switched religions from 'not really religious' to 'special water drinking worshiper of Kabbalah', sold the RX7 for a Vespa, grew a beard down to my knees and instantly developed an intense passion for politics and cb radio. All in a week.

Maybe I'm in the minority here but when the ceremony was over and the zebras were packed away, I felt a) great that the wedding was a smashing success, my wife Donna looked gorgeous and the guests enjoyed themselves immensely and b) exactly the same as I did last week before I was married. I was loving life then and still love it now. The only 'changes' if you will in our lives are shiny rings, a new fridge and a hankering to revisit our honeymoon location, The Great Ocean Road again soon. Everything else is humming along nicely, just as it always was.

Still, if people want to think that saying I do instantly destroys your sex life, mutates your house, turns your mutt into a toy poodle and makes you turn into a weird little social hermit, more power to them - it'll be a nice surprise for them when they finally tie the knot.
I'm happy to report that before the big livestock sacrificing and vow swapping day of vows and veils, I was a beer drinking, video game and auto fanatic with chiseled arms and a slight beer belly who loves steak Sandwiches and watching Game of Thrones.

A couple of weeks after the big day? I'm still exactly the same. And that's the way we both love it.

It's treating me just fine, thanks for asking.


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