Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Like a moth to a flamethrower

Annnnd, I'm back.

Right, like I could keep away. Sure. Blogging for me is like internet crack and I was kidding myself if I thought I could get away without a little corner of the net to rant and rave and muse about beer and rotaries on occasion...

I like my Candian Clubs with extra squirrel

God the shakes were getting bad...

Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Almigo, the nickname of a breakfast radio announcer, guitar student, father, aspiring writer, video game playing, beer and red wine drinking, japanese car loving early thirties cyborg sent back in time to have ridiculously huge amounts of fun in anything I can. That's the mission - and if I can get paid along the way for it then my debtors will be estatic.


Here at Blogger. Back when...oh god, I can't remember. It's been a while. I beleive I was raving about being a pimp, living in a pimp mansion and drinking lots of red wine while taking pot shots at anything that attracted my interest. Then someone I worked with found my little corner of internet famedom and realized I was sledging quite a few work collegues in the process including themselves (look in my defense it was probably justafied at the time but lessons learnt now...) so I killed it faster than a teenager surfing for porn kills a browser on the home computer when he hears someone walking down the hall.

So then the adventures moved over to Myspace back when Myspace was cool, Tom was a god and it was all about how much crap you could bolt onto your page. 100 blog posts later and it moved to...I forget now. But eventually it turned up on Wordpress.com where I got frustrated by a lack of monetizing options (I like to make very little money with whatever I write) until someone pointed out how I could monitize it if I actually paid for hosting.

So I did, (http://www.almigo.tv/) wrote for ages and made a few coins in the process. Until exploits and random people trying to plug the sites about Turkish Kayaks slowly fired at it until it became a bloated carcass and a former shadow of itself. One day it simply vanished and I pulled the cord on any life support because I was tired of earbashing the helpful IT guys time and time again to help me defribulate it back to life.


So I surfed, Facebooked and delved into Twitter for a time, experimenting with sites about bad music and dodgy reviews of products. Fun for a time, but I kept missing have a good ole rave and the occasional afternoon of poking fun at everything and anything.

So I ended up here (again). A homecoming if you will. I'm back on the blog bike and peddaling like crazy to point out how truly unfit yours truly truly is. Plenty has changed but this place seems very stable and if I can avoid the Turkish Kayak attacks then I will be a very happy boy.

It's a pleasure to be back and a pleasure to have you here.



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