Tuesday, May 8, 2012

They don't want to you read this!

A while ago I wrote a piece on how the only people actually getting rich from 'Get rich' books were actually the authors themselves (through royalties and book deals). Well this week I can add another concept that I have heard a few times this month and quite happily scoff like a toff at, the concept of 'Insider secrets businesses hope you never learn!'..

He has the key. He has the secret. You can be him, for a price.

Oh geez, please. Like all the big banks, money lending institutions and major businesses in general have closely guarded secrets that could actually make people short term millionaires and really cost them big time. Yes the same businesses and banks posting millions and billions of dollars profit quarterly. Boy howdy, good thing not too many people know that crippling secret otherwise nobody would turn a profit! Boom! Economy headshot!

It's up there with the emailed stock tip that's about to go through the roof, the horse that just can't lose (Well there is Black Caviar) and the housing sector that will 'multiply ten fold' in three years. What's even more amazing is the person who's 'figured' this out (usually someone quoted as being an expert of that industry or an 'insider') and will quite happily share that knowledge, provided you 'buy in' to their system.

Right, like they'd let you know how to be 'super rich' for free....

Maybe it's my gregarious and altrusitic nature, but if I had the secret to becomming obscenely wealthy then I'd be sharing that with friends and family over coffee whenever they asked so I had more obscenely wealthy friends to race my collection of Ferraris with in Monaco while supermodels poured my imported beer collection...

A typical bbq for me.
Of course for the desperate and hopeless, it does seem like light at the end of the financial tunnel. And we're all on the hunt for a quick fix solution, especially in the case of debt. But like financial people (Scott Pape the Barefoot Investor is a fine example) who also scoff and guffaw at get rich quick schemes are more than happy to point out (for free too) - true wealth takes hard work and is built over decades. It'll take a while but it can be done.

And you'll get there a lot quicker if you don't get distracted by the 'insiders' ready to unlock your financial freedom 'for a price...'

Maybe try some wealth creation tips like buying shares? Here I show you how much the power of buying one set of shares has completely gone to my head...

Also I mentioned Scott Pape the Barefoot Investor - if you're not making sense of your fiances or getting things under control, I highly recommend you check out his book - if nothing else it's a very entertaining read: 


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