Sunday, May 27, 2012

The secret behind the Lego House.

After the smashing success and hilariously entertaining responses from 'What's the true meaning behind Flo Rida's Whistle Song', it feels like high time to shift the musical microscope to something a little less about netball officiating.
This time around we explore the true meaning behind a whole heap more popular tunes, starting with our good mate Ed Sheeran and his fine tune Lego House.

So what is Ed Sheeran's song Lego House all about? Read on!

That's a big cat you've got there Ed!
Love song? Sure sounds like it doesn't it? But before good ole Ed turned it into a very cool little tune about relationships, it was actually a song about a very British chap with a love of cars, fine wine and reliving his childhood...

Lego house was originally about...Top Gear presenter: James May.


And for those who miss the quite obvious connection here, the song is an ode to the time that Captain Slow actually made a house. Out of Lego.  It was a challenge on his incredibly awesome James  May: Toy Stories (if you haven't seen it you should, especially the episode with the slot cars). Could you actually build and live in a house made of Lego? Well James and his love of Lego decided to give it a try. The results were nothing short of childhood memory inducingly awesome:

He spent the night in a Lego house and even threw a housewarming in celebration while Lego fans around the world cheered at James’s ingenious use of the beloved plastic bricks. One of those fans? Ed Sheeran.  Ed decided to write an epic tale of Legoness as an ode to Jimmy and hopefully get it into an episode of Toy Stories. The trouble was that Toy Stories was a limited series and by the time good ole Ed had finished his tune and got it produced the series had already been released on DVD.

So what do you do with a homage to a Top Gear presenter who moved on visually from reliving his childhood to sampling fine wines with his good mate Oz? Well he slept on it for a while, eventually fine tuning it to make it less about James and more love songesque to be more radio friendly.
That's the song your hear today playing on radios and musical countdown shows the world over.

It's deep in its exploring of a close relationship but deeper down, it's still paying tribute to the man who refuses to run on National TV - James May.
Oh and Lego, obviously.
An awesome combination always Mr Sheeran - keep on rocking.

You can see James May build the house of his dreams right here! Joy!
Also if you haven't checked out Ed Sheeran's simply mind blowing album 'X' then you are missing out more than a Collingwood fan refusing free dental care! Go HERE NOW!


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  1. Luv your "meanings of songs".... Keep up the awesome work.


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