Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bits N Pizzas


If you're one of those people who sideswipe or damage other people's cars and don't leave a note, I hope someone comes along and kicks you in the private parts as hard as possible without prior notification.

Because its a horrible thing arriving at your car to find some clown has dented your pride and joy and sped off without leaving any details. From my radio show this morning, seems I'm not the only one fed up by these antics.

A plague upon your houses!

My car might look like a wreck (and it does) but if anyone's going to damage, it's going to be me.


I didn't realize that Twitter had limits (apart from the obviously 160 characters per tweet one) until I tried to follow a couple more tweetatics and Twitter flat out refused. Apparently I was following too many and not being followed by enough - which is a rude awakening kick to the nuts of my obvious celebrism.

It also meant that I have to jetsam the flotsam and stop following so many (until hundreds more follow me).
So apologies to Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg but I have to put you on notice: I can't check what you're up to until you do the same for me, homies. It is worth a follow though as my tweets are worth more than the Greek Economy and much entertaining than a carbon tax.

You'll get over it...


I couldn't resist. It was oh so shiny, full of glorious double rotor goodness and on top of that, it was cheap. Yes I know it looks like I'm addicted to RX7s but I've been looking for one of these babies for years.


Wish it was a white 1989 turbo version though. It'd be the first white 89 RX7 I'd own that didn't need a respray..


Two letters arrived from my electricity company yesterday. One saying they'd miscalculated the reading and so they had to send me another bill.

So they sent me another bill with instructions to call them if I was going to struggle to pay it on time. The trouble is, it was for $-44.

I might struggle to pay that positive credit on time, yes..


If I ever end up with a briefcase full of cash, the first thing I'm going to do is bolt my Rx7's rear spoiler to it. Why? Because holy hand grenade, it was the most rediculously hard thing to remove. Comprising of two screws and two different size nuts - the combination of rust and their location of 'near impossible to losen comfortably' meant that sprains and lacerations were the topic of the day getting it off. Not to mention the amount of dirt and crap (as well as more rust) you'll find underneith it.

Should've left the damn thing on and cleaned the whole car with fire or something.
Well at least it's off now, which means I can finally getting around to repairing the flaking paint it came with...a job I should've comtemplated doing five years ago when I bought the damn thing...
Oh well, no time like the present.


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