Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I bought Shane Warne's car for the price of a cheese sandwhich...

Yes, I'm almost in the market for a newer car. But not even I could believe it when I walked through the door today proclaiming to one and all (namely the dog) that I had just bought Shane Warne's car.

Yes, the Spin King. Not a possible plumber with the same name.

What made it even more amazing than the fact that I was now the proud owner of the spin kings set of wheels was the price I paid for it. Less than the current price for a litre of unleaded at the bowser..

Of course at that mind blowingly low price that couldn't even buy you a nasty cup of java at your local roadhouse, I didn't even contemplate the possible extras. I didn't think of the insurance that comes with a cricketers famous ride. I didn't consider registration and to be honest the thought of fuel consumption during a time when I'm trying to save my shekels didn't even cross my mind. I saw it, saw the price, spun on one foot, jumped for joy, punched out another customer who was reaching for it, explained to security that the customer was obviously mad, shuffled for a bit, drank a Coke zero an rushed off to the nearest sales person to make it official.

The wife wasn't exactly chuffed when she saw me with it, remarking that it probably wouldn't quadruple in price within a year like I predicted. Obviously she doesn't know anything about cricketers cars and I was too busy wondering if it would woo gorgeous British screen vixens like Liz Hurley to even care.

Or Keira.

Of course being a follower on Warnie on twitter (I'm not sure why, I usually hate cricket) I did send him a tweet asking about maintenance costs but he hasn't got back to me yet. He probably figures I'll find out that one of the buttons on the sat nav doesn't work or something.

Of course it's not the most subtle of cars to be seen with so any attempts to fly under the radar will be quite difficult and I'll probably have to give Lara Bingle lifts around if I'm ever in Sydney (she likes cricketers cars doesn't she? I dunno, don't follow the sport or her).

Look I'll be honest, the look of the car isn't really my cup of vodka flavoured tea. The wheels look like something off a hotted up Commodore, the canopy wouldn't look out of place in a science fiction movie and the fact features an exotic weapon from Borderlands. Also I think it would be much better suited in Satin Black with Gold rims, but maybe that's just me.

Still, I paid $1.12 for it which means I have less than zero reasons to complain about the look of it.

So...who wants a lift?


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