Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hey kids, it's the Ultimate One Direction quiz!

So you think you're the greatest One Direction fan that ever walked the planet? Were you put on this planet to marry them all in a country whos name I can't pronounce that actually allows polygamy? If the world was about to end and you had to save it by answering a One Direction question, would you be the saviour of mankind?

One Direction loves quizes about One Direction!

Well we're about to test that theory right here at Almigo's Adventures. Ten (+one bonus 2015 question) of the most hardcore One Direction questions that will explode the heads of those who aren't deadly serious One Directioners. Do you have what it takes to be crowned CHAMPION OF ONE DIRECTION TRIVIA?

Lets find out. Your challenge awaits...

How much do you truly know about One Direction?

Zombies love One Direction quizes!
1) The Group One Direction weren't around when the legendary song 'Roadhouse Blues' was released. Which group famously sang this non-One Direction song?

a) The Doors
b) The Windows
c) The skirting boards
d) Polished floorboards in a burnt umber hallway

2) One Direction does not sing a song about Mazdas. Obviously there haven't experienced the pleasure of a rotary completely off tap yet. Which of the following cars is not made by Mazda?

a) 323
b) mx6
c) c3po
d) rx4

3) A One Direction fan is on the way to market when they run into 3 other One Direction fans who are on their way to a huge One Direction party where One Direction will be playing. Now if Nic Cage makes another Ghost Rider Movie, how many stars will it score in most reviews?

a) None
b) Five
c) Half
d) Turtle

Fellow boy band Wrong Direction

4) One of the members of One Direction is called Harry. Which of the following doesn't rhyme with 'Harry?'

a) Larry
b) Barry
c) Darry
d) Crank Angle sensor

5) If you put all members of One Direction in a limo and that limo takes them all to the airport in 30 minutes at 30kph without any interruptions and holding a constant speed, which of the following isn't a beer?

a) Ke$ha
b) VB
c) barefoot raddler
d) Samuel Adams

6) If a random Indonesian tour guide approached a member of One Direction and said 'apa kabar?' then the best thing the One Direction member should reply with would be?

a) Potato
b) Ayo Ke pantai!
c) Dollar a kilo mate!
d) baik baik saja

She had no idea she knew so little about 1D

7) If One Direction sang ’MacArthur Park' (which they don't) - who would they blame for leaving the cake in the rain?

a) The cake is a lie
b) someone
c) Justin Beiber
d) Chapelle Corby

8) If Sam the One Direction fan has two oranges and Mary the One Direction fan has three plums, how long should they cook a 3 kilo roast for in a 200 degree oven?

a) A day
b) 8.3725
c) burn it with fire!
d) 3 hours

9) Where have One Direction not toured so far?

a) Colac
b) All of the above

10) Finally One Direction member Louis has never recorded a duet with which artist?

a) Monet
b) Picasso
c) Anyone
d) Pro Hart

The world <3's One Direction!


11.) Why did Zayn Malik leave One Direction in 2015?

a) To get to the other side
b) It worked for Robbie Williams
c) He got fired for punching a producer over a lack of a hot meal
d) For tha horde!!

So how'd you go? Answers coming soon but feel free to let me know how awesome my quiz was in the comments below. Till then, rock on beleibers!

(Failed miserably? Not so worry, maybe you should buy one of their albums and come back better prepared. Good luck!)


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