Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'll give you $10 for your Ferrari - the trouble with selling from home

This morning I woke up with a headache so impressive, it had actually gained enough power to be included in the next Federal election.

My headache at work
Now while deep down in my bruised cortex I know it's arrived from a combination of cold + flu + rough sleep + not enough healthy food, I'm still going to point the painful finger at a few headache inducing local buyers who are completely unaware of the crippling power they hold...

You see we've been busy little turbo fed beavers in Casa Del Almigo as we're trying to jetsam the flotsam and make a tidy little profit in the process.
Easy! - Say sites like eBay who have revealed that the average person has about $1800 worth of goods they no longer want.
Not so Easy! - Says I after trying not only to make some room in the house with many a bargain, but also vacate the carport so I can update my wheels out from the late 80's and smack bang into the early 90's.
So up onto Gumtree and eBay and Facebook classifieds they've gone while we've barricaded ourselves in the hallway for the avalanche of cheques coming our way.

First time the Rx7 has been called a lifeboat...
And after a couple of months - an overdose of asprin and that's about it. We've barely shifted 5% of our selling list as we've been too busy fending off the confused, the desperate and the outright lowballing. Which was slightly amusing for the first week but mutated to frustrating shortly thereafter.


After the first two weeks of it for sale, I finally received a text message late one night offering me a swap for an R33 Skyline, provided I added more cash his way.

Like this one but probably worse condition
Two problems with this were a) I'm not looking to buy an R33 Skyline, regardless of how many Googlewatts it has in the rear and b) if I had extra cash to spend (I don't hence the reason it's for sale), I'd go out and buy another car or do go faster things to the Rx7. Still, this was a positive sign that people were reading the ad...

...sadly not that many obviously as the next call was two months later and started with 'I've just bought a Mazda as well and I was wondering if I could pick your brain about a few things...' Yep, a friendly P Plater in my neighborhood had just bought the P Plater friendly version of my car and wanted to know if he could come around and look at mine and find out a few things about how this vehicle spawned by Black Magic actually worked. So we organized a time for him to come around and he never showed and has never been heard from since. Wonderful!


Mrs Almigo has been very busy with Facebook sales page, listing everything save the kitchen sink which we're still currently using. Unfortunately this means it's opened the floodgates to idiot central as we've had all of the below:

Here for the bargains!

-People organize a time, don't show. The organize another time, no show. You know what will happen next: We'll sell it to someone else and they'll turn up and whinge that we don't have it.  

-Someone agreed to buy a $15 item, waited a week and then promptly ran out of money (allegedly). 

-We get messages like this this on a $100 item: Give you $50 cash for it and I can pick it up tomorrow. While I love the theory that time is money, people on Facebook have this in reverse and truly believe the quicker they can pick it up, the more ridiculous discount they deserve.

-Currently we're selling a surround sound unit for $100 and after knocking back another low baller, she replied with: I don't mean to be rude but you can buy that exact model at Dick Smith for $79.95. Which gave us a much needed chuckle as my wife's unit is more than 6 years old and if it was still available at Dick Smith, their shelf stockists must be having the decade off. Funny how we don't hear from them when we call their bluff.

No joke, my cousin works for INSERT COMPANY HERE and can get it cheaper!
Anyone else selling things from home and suffering the same crippling migraines we've been getting?


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