Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm a ramblin man..

When too many random stories are never enough (and aren't enough to deserve a post of their own), it's ramblin time!..

No wait, that's not what I meant...


After enjoying the incredible iPhone 4 (and suffering through the infuriating iTunes because of it) I found myself largely underwhelmed by the release of the 5C and the 5S. Maybe because it seemed to me to look like pretty much the same with some new shiny colors and a couple more bells and whistles. Obviously there's a lot more going on behind the scenes of those pretty screens but I suddenly had the hankering for a completely different flavor and signed a contract for a Samsung Galaxy S4 instead.
Seriously, if someone had just mentioned that my small collection of classic Playstation games could be playable on this little wiz machine through an emulator, I would have signed up ages ago.
Case in point, I've resurrected one of my favorite PSX games of all time:

Front Mission 3!
Yep, Front Mission 3. With Wanzers, explosions and a story line (somewhere). I was so happy reliving my glory days of gaming that I almost set my iPhone on fire in tribute.


Of course it's not always plain sailing on the SS Almigo sometimes, especially with strange luck. When I originally signed up for the iPhone 4, it was barely a week before a happy Apple announced the news: The iPhone 4S was launching and someone called Sewerage or something could yell at you if your heart so desired.
And when it was released, it was the same price as what I'd signed up to the original for.
Yep, I ended up with the base spec phone just as the brought out the one with the talking sunroof.

Flash forward to last week and guess what happens the day after I sign up for a Samsung S4? Apple released iOS 7, making everything

Wouldn't look out of place on an episode of Peppa Pig...
Actually come to think of it, I'm not disappointed I missed this one...


Now that I'm long past holiday mode (damn) I've had to rejig my exercise retinue to make things a little easier on myself. At the moment with a full time job in the early hours of breakfast radio, a two year with the energy supply of a nuclear power plant and a severe drought in the motivation well, my exercise plan was:

At the start of the week or weekend: Lift heavy til I was drained, walk off, come back and little a bit more.
Eat the house out the next two days. Anything and EVERYTHING.
Fall over by Thursday lunchtime.
Be a shattered wreck of an empty shell and pass out on the couch at 2pm Friday.  
Wash, rinse, repeat.

So this time around I'm attempting the following:

Lifting moderate so I have energy to spare.
Lifting three times a week.
Stop attempting to through heavy barbells through the shed roof.
Eat clean.
Stop being an empty sack of energy by Thursday.

Hopefully I don't look as manic as this when I do...

Well that's the plan...wish me luck!


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