Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's compost life Jim, but not as we know it

Out the back of Casa De Almigo lies a big back yard with plenty of weeds, long tall grass for the dog to run and hide in, a lawnmower taking the month off due to lack of petrol, my son's play equipment and tucked in one corner of the grand gardens - a compost bin.
Yep, I'm doing my bit for the environment practically every time I play Jamie Oliver and mother nature obviously is loving the attention.

Looking good Mother Nature!

Especially today when I noticed there's now something strange growing out of it...

Yep, while cleaning up the kitchen from last night's 'Vegetable surprise' (the surprise being the meat components of the dish far outnumbered the veggie parts), I have discovered that there is now alien life creeping out of (and probably deeply imbedded below too) my compost bin.

Lucky me.

What it is, I have no idea but here is some photographic proof:

Celery? Yugoslavian Battle Weed? A triffid? What the hell is this thing?

So horticultural fans of these hallowed pages, I put this to you - what is it? Something grown from a composting vegie seed? A new species I get to name in Latin? Something I can sell to Colombian drug lords? Any guesses, please let me know. 


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