Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Guess who is (probably not) coming to dinner?

Jag me a burger!
This week we're running a competition on the show where you can become our restaurant reviewer (the restaurant in question is Jags Grill Bendigo which I discovered today makes a ripper and very filling beef burger) - to enter you have to email in and tell us if you had the choice of anyone in the world, who you would take for a meal out? (There is an unknown rule that if you mention the words 'Tom Cruise' and 'Lamb roast' you automatically lose for using a lame joke from the 80s.) I asked myself the same question while barely awake in the shower this morning and have struggled to narrow down my final three..


It's the salt and the sauce...for total fries DOMINATION!

Depending on who you ask, Paul Heyman was either the most innovative creative promotions genius the wrestling world has ever lead through the walkway to the ring or the dodgiest slick promotor you've ever had the misfortune of doing business with. Personally not being hired by him at any stage of my (non wrestling related) career, I still see him as of the most fascinating minds of the squared circle, a mad who truly lived up to his 'mad scientist of wrestling' moniker. If you watch any of his shoot interviews on Youtube you'll see that his mind moves at 3 million miles an hour, his mouth just as fast and what comes out of it just happens to be some of the most captivating conversations you'll ever hear. He may be slick but he's very very sharp and witty.
Paul is the master of making something out of nothing (if you lived through the early glory days of ECW you'll know what I mean) and I'm sure that if I picked him to join me for burgers, fries and random chat, he'd probably be that persuasive that he'd convince me to try the seafood and love every damn mouthwatering morsel of it (and I'm not a big fan of seafood to start with!) 

Things to talk about: Wrestling, how to promote yourself, turning something into nothing.
Topics to avoid: Business, money.

If a fight breaks out, she knows how to handle herself
Winner of the best looking of my three possible dinner companions by a fair few billion universes, (and a choice that'd have fanboys frothing through their braces that they didn't think of her first) Summer keeps showing up in just about everything sci fi and awesome and has a smile that could light up the coldest of mother in laws meatlockers. Not to mention that behind the scenes she seems to a really down to earth fun woman to hang out with (or she such a brilliant actress that she can pretend to be one). I'm well versed in Terminators, Spaceships named after insects and the occasional awful show that shouldn't have been contemplated (I'm looking at you here The Cape..) and so we'd have a lot to chat about. Sadly though I'm no where the level of fleet footed super dancer that she is so we'd have to pick a place where there's a minute chance of a dance mob breaking out. (Most Maccas don't have a dance floor thankfully.)

Things we can talk about: Her career, Joss Whedon, Terminators

Topics to avoid:  The Alliance, not being in Black Swan.
What could possibly go wrong?
Provided you can put up with the occasional stroll outside for a gasper or two, Jezza would be a riot to have dinner with as he lives, breathes, farts and wizzes all things automotive. On top of that he has a love of unique machinery including planes and cars that he beleives have 'soul' and the way he writes he could make your own tax return a Times worthy column that would enthrall the masses (if you haven't read one of his books yet, give it a shot - he's very entertaining). 
The trouble is that my own automotive history isn't anywhere near as expansive (or daft) as his so eventually I'd run out things that I've driven...but I'm sure properlly winded up, he could talk cars, drivers, celebs and god knows what else all night. 
Of course dinner would be improved ten fold with the addition of his cohorts in James May and Richard Hammond but since I'm only allowed to pick one of the trio, Jeremy scores the chair for being the most interesting.

Things we can talk about: Practically anything with an engine

Topics to avoid:  Quitting smoking. 


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