Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The amazing tale of Tankford the tree

Well that's a nice surprise - in my work inbox this morning, in amongst the demands for bill payments and threats if we play any more Miley Cyrus, I discovered some very nice news.

I now own a tree. 

Finding out you now own a tree first thing in the morning is a terrific way to start a Thursday and in celebration of this amazing gift, I have named him Tankford. Because it's my tree now (allegedly) and it obviously needs a 'powerful tree' name. 

Now as much as I'd like to believe that random people just gift people like me free trees for giggles and laughs, there's a particular reason why I've been gifted Tankford here as I discovered when I stopped bragging about my tree ownership and read the rest of the email...
This is the best way to start an email: 

A tree called Almigo!
Lovely! But it turns out that Tankford won't be alone in a paddock somewhere, standing strong and looking awesome like. Nay, he'll have 999,999 friends hanging out with him! He'll be like Tom from Myspace before Facebook stole his thunder!

Congratulations! A eucalypt seedling has been named in your honour as part of Bosisto’s 1 Million Trees project.
What is the project all about?
Bosisto’s is planting 1 million trees in an effort to help the environment while supporting local farmers and industry. Bosisto’s unique natural forest is located at Inglewood, Victoria. It is a massive undertaking which has been 12 years in the planning. When complete the plantations will cover an area of 333 hectares, approximately 166 x the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground!
(That's a bloody big cricket ground!) 

Reduction in harmful CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and reduction in salinity – eucalyptus trees are salt-tolerant and able to withstand harsh conditions, even periods of drought.
Supporting local farmers & the economy. Eucalypts can grow on marginal farmland (land which, due to poor soil quality or over-farming is otherwise unprofitable) providing farmers with a valuable source of extra income and a much-needed boost to the rural economy.
Plenty of quality, affordable locally grown eucalyptus oil in the market, keeping imports out and jobs and profits in Australia.
Tankford will be incredibly useful! Yay!

Oh I reckon I'd still be able to pick up the MIGHTY TANKFORD in a small crowd of a million...

So to whoever it was who decided I was a worthy recipient of this great email (it says Kate from AC Agency but I don't think we've ever met...) a massive thank you, it's lovely gift. A hope when you find yourself in the hot sun next and in desperate need of shade, there's a mighty Tankford like tree standing proudly nearby. 

Now if only someone was gifting new Lexus's...


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