Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What's bright orange and corners like hell?

I'll give you a clue - most boy racers would happily hand over a slice of their leftie for the keys to this...

What could it be?

Now if you answered 'Why it must be the Yokohama Orange Oil Toyota 86 GT of course' then give yourself the following: a pat on the back for being so clever and a tissue to wipe away the tears beause it's not yours. (Unless this is actually Brendan from Eaglehawk reading this right now in which case, well done you lucky bugger.)
I'm referring to this beast...

Which was the unbeleivably wicked prize (the car, not the oranges) you could win if you bought at least two Yokohama tyres from participating dealers, filled out some paperwork and prayed like hell that the goddess of fortune was in a good mood.
It was a nation wide competition here in the land down under and magically it managed to find a winner in my own backyard. The owner of the tyre dealership knew how much I loved a fine example of Toyota based technology and invited me down to see it in person (I've been in an 86 a couple of times and would quite happily love to unwrap one for xmas hint hint) and interview the winner.
Yes indeed, I was quite a happy fanboy when I came close to this bright orange animal:

Bright matt orange. The color is growing on me.
But happier than I could ever be was of course Brendan the Australia Post worker who had got the call to tell him that thanks to him buying a couple of Yokohama's for his daughters car, he was now the man who held the keys and made every other postie in the world jealous. Still coming to terms with his mad fortune was a complete understatement when I caught up with him for a chat.

Brendan in his race suit.

'It probably won't really sink in until I get it home and put it under the carport' he smiled as he took it all in 'It's an amazing sort of feeling. Just lucky, just luck. You don't get much better than this do you?'
What perfect time too as the day after he won it was his birthday!
(I checked, he wasn't interested in my Toyota from 1991 as a swap..damn!)

Happy Birthday Brendo!
As for the first place he plans to take it? 'Well I've got a lot of mates who heard about me winning it so I've got a lot of people to take for a ride in it first..'

There were a few Yokohama reps on site at Bob Jane Bendigo too ready to talk shop and one of them explained the rubber they'd fitted to Brendan's latest toy "They're actually orange oil road legal racing tyres. You wouldn't have to swap them over for track use and on this thing you could do some serious lap times.'

Thankfully the Orange Monster won't get too lonely racing around in Bendigo as there's more than a handful of Toyota 86's starting to run around. None louder nor battled scared as the Pedders Bendigo 86 which tagged along for the presentation and then drowned it out in a calvalcade of purely amazing race rumble. Grant and the Pedders team have obviously been force feeding it angry pills as it sounds like something you would not like to cross paths with in the dark.

Now if only my Soarer needed some Yokohamas a few weeks back. Wishful thinking really.. (congrats again Brendan!)


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