Saturday, January 25, 2014

You don't see that every day...unless you own one.

Today marks the second day is as many months that I have driven past the same bright yellow Honda NSX.

This is just an example.
If I was a man who beleived my tea leaves were sending me messages, I'd probably take that as an omen of things to come. But as a car man, I tip my baseball cap to the driver for such a wonderful choice of supercar ownership...

Because it's lovely to see the following:

A) Something rare, JDM and in good condition
B) Something rare that's actually being driven and not stuck in a dealerships window
C) Something rare that hasn't been modified to the point where it's unrecognisable. Autosalon I'm looking at you...
D) A rare Honda. Like the S600. 

And even though I am not the leading car expert in this town and don't actually have access to official numbers, I'm guessing (and it's a very positive hunch here) that it's probably the only Honda NSX around as far as the crow farts flies. I've seen a handful of S2000's and plenty of Civics, Accords and even a couple of Legends with all the fruit...but I reckon this is the sole standing NSX anyone in this neck of the woods has ever set eyes on.  
Which really isn't that suprising after a quick hunt for one in the car classifieds as the cheapest I could find was from the same year as my Sc300...and 9.2 times the price:

Yep, 23 years on and commanding the same price as a restored Benz SL or near new bright red Jeep Cherokee. Or if you're someone who enjoys buying junkers off the local Facebook classifieds, then you'd need roughly 306 of them to get near what they're asking for this particular NSX.
Think that's rich? Well when they were new, the price tag was a sniff over $200,0000.
Seems like a right bargain now doesn't it?
Especially when it's a Supercar that can doesn't require a second mortgage to service. Graeme Smith from put it best: While the NSX is a genuine supercar it isn’t any more complex than a regular Honda, so it’s less expensive than some supercars to service. As long as they are serviced correctly as per Honda’s recommendation they are generally bullet proof.

Putting this bright yellow one in the mix, the currently tally of NSX's I've seen in person is still one. (Unfortunately the judges don't count the number of them I've raced around in games like Gran Turismo and the like) and so my heart did indeed enjoy a little flutter when I laid eyes on the yellow monster last month as I suddenly realised it was real and I wasn't sitting on my cheap couch slighty merry on cheap bourbon and coke cans with a Playstation controller in hand.

It's probably not the rarest thing out here, it's not the most powerful (if Wikipedia can be trusted then my Toyota at 206kw just tums it's 200KW...but mines probably twice as heavy...) it certainly isn't the most expensive car in these suberbs - that honor most likely belongs to the mental Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorana that I had the white knuckled pleasure to drive when it rolled into the work carpark one morning (it's a touch closer to $500,000 new..):

Fond memories

...but it's a nice change from the army of worked Commodores and Falcons and Mitsubishi Magna's that looked like they barely escaped a bombing raid in WW2 and are somehow still held together by wood glue. A thousand gold claps my friend for a dollop of variety on the roads of Central Victoria.

Now if only someone could drive past me in a TOMS MRS, a Mazda 787B or the original Pikes Peak Escudo... 


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