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Frequently asked questions about Nana Mouskouri

For some reason (don't ask me, it's the internet's fault) some people who have plugged the search term 'Nana Mouskouri' have ended up here. After a minutes investigation, I discovered it was because I pointed out that Nana Mouskouri was something Pitbull had yet to warble about in the post What the hell is Pitbull rapping about now?

Now obviously that's just not enough info to keep the Nana Mouskouri populace happy in their time online. Therefore to keep Nana fans here longer than a Nanasecond (get it?) I have come up with the following:

Frequently asked questions about Nana Mouskouri

So many questions

Aka: Everything you didn't think you'd need an answer to involving Nana Mouskouri.

Nanafiles, lets begin.

Was Nana born under a bad sign with a blue moon in her eye?

While there's no official record of Nana being born with a blue moon in her eye, according to official sources her birthday is on October 13 which makes her a Libran. We've met a few librans from all walks of life and not all of them have been deranged psychotics best met with an avalanche of firepower so there's a definate chance that Libra is not a bad sign (Almigo is Pisces and that's a great sign!). Given that it's actually a song lyric from Alabama 3's 'Woke up this morning (got myself a gun)' there's more chance that Rob Spragg from the band is the one with celestial bodies in his vision.

Roba Spragkouri

When Nana was born, did the moon turn a firey red?

We're yet to find records that a sign of the end of the world occured then. If it did then it's been a long time between end of the world signs. We'd ask Jimi Hendrix for more info but we're a touch too late..

The late Jana Hendrouri

Everyone has done a song that features Snoop Dogg. What about Nana Mouskouri? 

 Ha ha, no. Well not yet. We can only hope though.


I love mashups! Mashups mashups yum yum yum. Are there any mashups featuring Nana Mouskouri? 

Amazingly...yes! We've dug out two!

Tequila Sunrise - MashMike
Petit Garcon/Old Toy Trains - Justin Guignard


Was it Nana Mouskouri behind the grassy knoll?

Not pictured: Nana Mouskouri

Highly unlikely given she was in Paris in 1963, she has no documented powers of teleportation and at the time had as much interest in the politcal situation in the United States as she did of the Wankel Rotary Engine development in Germany. You can't rule it out though.


What Pokedex number is Nana Mouskouri?

Given that she's a famous singer and not a Pokemon from the game and cartoon, she is unlisted in all Pokedexs. 
However after a quick Googling we have discovered that there is actually a Digimon that goes by the name of...NANAMON! 

We're still unclear on wether Nana Mouskouri had any influence on the naming of it though.


Was there ever a car named after Nana Mouskouri?

Undoubtedly there would be fans who named the car after her...but no official car brand has named a car after the singer, no.  They still might though, don't give up hope just yet.

Did Nana Mouskouri leave the cake out in the rain? 

Oh god, that sweet green icing, flooooowwwwing doooooownnnn.

We're not sure on this one. If you ever meet her, could you let us know?

I'll never have that recipe agaaaaaaaiiiiin.

Has Nana Mouskouri ever written a song about Netball?

No, but we know someone who has....

I'm sure I saw Nana Mouskouri turn up in an episode of CSI where she played an apologetic pirate with a french accent. That was her right? 

Our investigations have turned up nothing, nana.

 Sorry, IMDB says no.

I have learnt so much about Nana Mouskouri today with my visit here. Where else can I bathe in the knowledge of the Nana Mouskouri pool? 

So much infokouri
Well you could try the N.A.N.A International Nana Mouskouri Facebook page or Deiter Romberg's Nana Mouskouri Seiten or maybe even Robert Ernest Hubbard's Nana Mouskouri fan web site or the Nana Mouskouri fan club or the Team Mouskouri Twitter or perhaps Mouskourifans Twitter or Nana Mouskouri around the world facebook or finally the Nana Mouskouri wikipedia entry 

Yeah there's a few places to start. Or just re-read this page a few times and impress strangers at cocktail parties. Entirely up to you. Thanks for stopping by the Nanaverse!


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