Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Out house, (no longer) in the middle of our street

Sad news today, delivered by my awesome brother Guymigo - the house we both grew up in is now full of 100% natural lighting.
And we don't mean because they've turned the house into one giant skylight or used the auroa borealis as a light source..

Not like this no.

...it's now full of natural light because a dirty big crane has torn it to pieces:

Goodbye Lincoln Street Richmond. 

Yep, the house where I spent a good 18 years of my life is now flatter than the pancakes my lovely wife cooks on a Sunday morning. Which is a crying shame really because that house had quite a lot of history and not just my own. I learnt to cook in that house. I had my first video game system in that house (a humble Sega Master System II). I had my secret stash of nudie mags in that house, I watched late night movies on a tiny second hand TV out the back of that house, stole sips out of the drinks cabinet,  I waited years for dial up to connect so I could surf the net for the first time...in that house. Memories of family get togethers, girlfriends that met the family, Sunday roasts, Xmas's around the big table, my grandfather offering to fix things, the natural christamas tree, the sound of typing from the old man's home office, Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix on the LP and the great woodfire system that kept the house warm when I stumbled in drunk at 3 in the morning. My brother crafted his art as a graphic designer there, my father as a writer, my mother as an editor and myself as a loudmouth. We had dogs, guests, a tiny laundry, great days and memories. Memories, glorius memories.

Yeah I know that in a couple of years I'll have actually been away from that house as long as I've been in it but it's not the point, I'm disapointed that there won't be a time when my son and I can revisit the place and I can point out where his Dad enjoyed his childhood adventures, experienced his amausing teen years and learnt a lot of important life lessons. Instead in it's place will undoubtedly be some hideous two story tennament that people will pay too much for simply for the sake of location and fight for parking space daily.

If you look over there you'll see...an ugly new building..

As much as I embrace change, I do like a bit of history to look back on.

Sigh. No chance of guided tours when I finally become uber famous then is there?


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