Monday, April 28, 2014

If this then Android

It's fair to say that when the IFTTT app (If this then that) first hit the iPhone, I was pretty damn excited. One of the first things I set it to do was monitor the price of Woolworths shares and shoot me a quick email if they rose or fall according to the prices I set.

Still enjoying this

Did I actually buy Woolworth shares? Er no, no I didn't. (Probably a good thing as I rarely received a 'The price has gone up!' email through IFTTT). But I did set it up for a few handy shortcuts that I'm still using to this day (including the one that posts a link up on my Twitter every time I post here on Blogger).
So you can only imagine how happy I am reading on Lifehacker that IFTTT has now come to play on Android...
(Not sure what the hell IFTTT this? Here's a quick link!)

Long story short, it's pretty much just as I remembered on ios only this time with a handy Android channel and plenty of handy Android recipes that people have already mixed together. So far in the 24 hours I've been playing with it I've backed up all my phones photos to Dropbox and instructed my Cyborg to mute when I'm on air and be as loud as I can tolerate when I'm one with the couch at home. I've barely scratched the surface.

There's more and more channels added daily and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before it convinces the Lexus to fill up with petrol itself. Oh and it's still free which is a massive bonus. Plus you don't actually need either an Apple or Android device to get the most out of it. Find what you can achieve with the multitude of channels here.

Now to tailor make some recipes so money rains into my bank account everytime someone reads my name...

I need this recipe


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