Thursday, June 12, 2014

Flashback: The day they stopped the eater of brains..

Flashback month continues at full steam with today's look back at a time when I was sorely disapointed the TV series Heroes was cancelled..(Actually I feel the same today)..

Talk about being a mushroom in the dark. I've been waiting for the next series of my favourite show Heroes to pop up somewhere, anywhere really and it was only yesterday I read the horrid news:

NBC announced the show's cancellation on May 14, 2010, due to the high costs of production, diminished viewing and an increase in other programming (From Wikipedia)

They decided this back in May?? Why did I only find this out in October?? Why oh why have I been walking around foolishly excited about the adventures of Peter Petrelli and crew, completely unaware the show had been shut down like the Haitian's power??
Egads, I feel like a meth addict has broken into my house and crapped in my Xbox 360. And then stolen both controllers.
Maybe it was my fondness of reading X-Men comics as a kid that's given me a fondness of mutants with special powers. Maybe it's because there was nothing like it at all on TV at the time. Or maybe, just maybe, it was this glorious bastard that turned Heroes from good to ball bustingly awesome:

Meet Sylar  - brain eating, power stealing, mutant killing, temperamental  psychopath named after a watch brand!
Main bad guy, unexpected hero, funny bastard and just about everything else Tim Kring could throw at him  - Sylar was the guy you couldn't help but enjoy even though he spent most of his time opening up your head with his special ability and deciphering how your powers worked so he could steal them for his own use while you died from having your gray matter exposed.
Yeah I know Peter Petrelli could do similar things (without having to give your cranium a renovation) but after a while his powers had a brain fart and he could only use one until he knocked off someone else's. Besides Peter moped around,  fought with his brother, argued with his mum, pissed off his dad and basically farted around with family problems until Sylar arrived to finally give the Petrelli family something to do. And while Pete, Nathan and crew did what they did best (argue) Syler pretty much destroyed his own family, then everyone else's and just about anything that decided it was a good idea to stand in his way - all because he was completely power hungry and addicted to powers...belonging to other people.
He fought the good guys, he fought the bad guys, he fought the world and along the way he ran solo, joined teams, found his father, let his father die, cracked jokes, learnt how to empathize, fell in and out of love (quickly) and just added the correct measure of badass that the show needed. You had the good guys...and you had Sylar. Ying and a Sherman Tank Yang.
Samuel might have tried in the last season, but hey, he's no Sylar.
But sadly due to a slide in ratings, the brain chomping, mega powered lunatic known as Gabriel Grey is no more. No more mind reading from Matt Parkman. No light comedy segments from Hiro and Ando. No regenerating from Clair Bennett. Noah Bennett actually did from Noah Bennett.

See ya Heroes - you did make late night TV enjoyable for a time...



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