Sunday, June 15, 2014

Flashback: Hi, I'm an R+B Superstar. Ask me about such things as rodeos...

As part of our ongoing Flashback series this month here at Almigo's Adventures, today we cringingly go back to a time where we didn't know who we were actually interviewing..

Expert on texas rodeos.

Yep, having an amazing day today.

Occasionally we'll get last minute interviews handed to us and with little or no time to do any research, we've got to jump in the studio, throw caution to the wind and hope for the best. Most of the time this works and we've had some pretty amusing interviews to play on the show.
Usually too the promotion companies that organize our interviews give us huge PDF's a few days before with artist bios, details and pretty much all we need that so we can hit the ground running and not stuff up the interview royally. If not, at least they'll send us a quick email cheat sheet a couple of minutes before the interviewee comes in so we're not completely in the dark.

Nope, not today.

We just chatted to a couple of members of Hairspray: The Musical, in town to the promote the show, perform at schools and drum up business to increase ticket sales. They walked in without notice, the boss said go and we quickly had to remember something about a musical based on a film neither of us have seen, just to keep the interview running.

We asked about what they've been doing, have they been enjoying the show? How were the kids at the school so on and so forth and when we found out the guy playing Seaweed (Wait Seaweed? There's a bloke called Seaweed??) originally hailed from Texas, we asked if he'd ever been to a rodeo (turns out no, he hasn't.) Interview over, we thanked the gods of radio that we managed to get something out it with nothing to work with. Pats on the back, payrises, oscar winning material really. The actors walked off, I went for a feed, life was good.

Until I realized the name of Seaweed's actor rung a bell in the back of my head. And after a few minutes of staring blankly at a microwave (breakfast was cooking) I realized it was a Wu-Tang Killa Bee 36 Chambers kind of bell. It's cos of this lyric:
'Say goodbye like Tevin Campbell'.
The same name of the bloke we just interviewed in our studio.
One and the same? Of course they are.

Protect ya neck!

Yeah the Grammy Award nominated R and B superstar that has worked with Usher and Barry White with a string of albums and undoubtedly hundreds of funny stories of funny celebs and we're asking him about rodeos and dirt roads in Texas. And Hairspray. Because no one told us who his was or what he did before he got called 'Seaweed'.

To our defense he's not as big as someone like Usher in this country (yet) so we could be forgiven for not recognizing him when he walked in, but still - it's like we just interviewed Lady Gaga and asked her how to make a bacon and egg pie and ignored any questions relating to anything Lady Gaga related at all.

Boy do we feel special this morning.

Luckily he didn't pull out the diva-like 'Don't you know who I am' card and turned out to be a very funny guy.

And at least I can now say 'Hey, I interviewed an R and B superstar!' even if I did manage to complete miss who he was and therefore much more intelligent and music related questions like 'So...tell us about this musical...'

Can't wait to see who we get to interview next...


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