Friday, June 27, 2014

Flashback: Oh what a cross stitch...

In one of our last Flashback posts for the month, we check out the time when I was amused by what I found in a Spotlight store...
In casa de Almigo, we have two places we go when the creative/handy person mood suddenly strikes. For me it's the nearest hardware store (like Bunnings) where I can quite happily drift aimlessly amongst the shelves, thinking that it can't be all that difficult to build your own pergola with the right tools, some wood and half a slab of Barecove Raddler (they've changed thier name! This bares investigating!)
Easy with some beer!

For the finance (yeah, thankfully she did say yes when I put a ring on it) that store is Spotlight, where everything can be built with a sewing needle, a staple gun and rolls of fabric, provided someone shows you how to first.
Today was no different as we roamed the store of 99% women in search of shiny things that would make her handmade engagement party invitations take a big hot flying dump on any you could buy pre made. And while she was weighing up the pros and cons of various glues, I came across something a self admitted rev head like me couldn't help but utter a giggle over...

Oh what a feeling, Toyota sewing parts:

I knew a few car brands had ventured into other products outside of the automotive world - case in point being Lamborghini making quite impressive looking tractors:

Ferrai have built themselves a theme park...
And Mitsubishi keep cool outside of making cars (and starter motors - my Ford Laser had a Misubishi starter from factory) by bolting together air conditioners...
However this is the first time I've ever seen a car brand attached to sewing products. And as hard as I tried, I couldn't find a BMW marked over locker, a Dodge curtain maker or even a Hyundai pin cushion anywhere in store..
I wonder if Toyota sewing products are faster than the other brands? Or if they're safer due to the airbags? And if my wife to be does buy a Toyota sewing machine and it breaks we call in Roadside assist?..


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