Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First world blender problems

A few days ago it seemed the whole world was going absolutely gaga over some Thermomix thing.
And I have absolutely no idea why...


Now up until my lovely wife explained to me what a Thermomix was (and how cool the new one is because it's got a touch screen or something - I'll be honest, I starting losing interest when I learnt it was a fancy blender) I thought it was some French House Duo like Daft Punk that had done something magical, and not a food processor.

That's Thermo on the right..

But now that I realize that the Thermomix won't have a greatest hits album coming up just in time for xmas, I'm still left wondering why the world is frothing about it. And in some cases frothing mad about the new one.
A radio station I was listening to on the way back home from a major city one night was pointing out that people who'd gone out and bought a Thermomix (paying a premium for it undoubtedly) had revealed that it had completely changed their lives. How?

Do you get more sex with a Thermomix?

Do the Jones's next door get green with envy when they see the box in your garbage bin, pack up and leave to find a neighbor less classy?

Is there some kind of Stonecutter like group where you need a Thermomix on your benchtop before you can give someone the secret attachment handshake?

I am ready for the choc chips brother Thermo!

Yes okay, your food might be better processed, great. That still doesn't mean that processed cheese will ever be better than a wheel of delicious bree. Your chopped up breadcrumbs to stuff a chook with won't get any fresher by the power of the Thermomix.
It won't roast a rack of lamb like I can and given enough time I reckon I could use a ten dollar knife to dice up something beyond recognition like it could.

Seriously, if I went to a friends place for dinner and all they talked about was what they do with a fancy food processor, I'd start secretly dialing a cab and looking for the nearest exit.

So..do you own a Thermomix?


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