Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm getting that sinking feeling at work

While fetching my car out the back of work this afternoon I noticed that the engineers had set up an impromptu set of lanes with safety tape and a couple of Keep Left signs for good measure. My spirits lifted - did they just create an after work back carpark rally track?

Taking the work car out for a spin
Upon closer That's not the case...(bugger)

The reason for the taped off lanes and keep left signs? Well that'd be this then:

No it's not the remains of an 80's car fallen into a black hole, it's a spare tire one of the hard working engineers dragged over to stop people like me driving their 90's cars (namely me) into the mini sink hole that's opened up in the back car park.
To really point out that the area is best left avoided, they've created emergency lanes.

I'd heard whispers that there might be a couple of disused mine shafts lurking in the backyard but I didn't think there were ones for tiny dwarves dug right under the asphalt.

No where did I put my tiny light and pickaxe?


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