Monday, October 6, 2014

Chin up Charlie and ramp up the little things

Rough times at the moment? Feel like you need a confidence/energy/life boost? Here's a few little things I like to focus on when things go a little south. Maybe they'll help you too get back to where you want to be :)


Rip roaring tunes - There is nothing like the power of music to get that smile back on your mug and in the last couple of days I've been listening to a lot of Seasick Steve on Youtube just for something different. His live stuff is pure dynamite and you just wish you could be in the crowd as he plays along. He popped up during an old episode of Spicks N Specks and one lunch break I decided to go on a hunt to see what was online. Thankfully there's plenty and it's awesome to work away with his awesome music, whether it's a full live set, his hacking away at a three stringed guitar (The Trance Wonder) or learning about the hilariously awesome one stringed Didly Bow..
Other tunes that have been giving me bursts of inspiration and energy in the last month include Freaks by Timmy Trumpet and Savage, Monster by Imagine Dragons and the start of the One FM Massive Attack Essential Mix. Awesome :D

Doing things that reaffirm my weekend skills - I've been to-ing and fro-ing about what to do in terms of a oil leak in my Subaru WRX: Either pony up for the parts and then pay a mechanic to do it right the first time or roll up the sleeves and give it a go myself, even though I've never done anything like this before and occasionally my track record with home mechanics isn't the greatest. Eventually I just bought the parts, did plenty of research and dived right in figuring Baz (the father in law) could give me a hand if I really screwed things up.
As you can read here everything went well, there's no more leaks and now I've added another task I've successfully completed in my quest to know my cars a little better. Not to forget that little confidence boost you get when something you're working on goes perfectly. Score.

The humble pod coffee machine in the kitchen - Nespresso machine with George Clooney tagging along for good measure? Nah mate, mine's from Aldi and it's a ripper. Quicker than instant and hot to boot too!

Projects, projects, projects - There's nothing like immersing yourself in a project or two to keep your mind off the negatives and it doesn't matter if it's a large or small project either. At the moment I'm working on two blogs, a possible e-book and have some ideas for a ripper little Kris Kringle gift for my friends before the silly season starts. You can't complain that life's boring when you've got some fun things to focus on.

Money in the bank - 99% of the time it's money coming out of my accounts. However there's nothing like getting cash for whatever reason and being able to put it back into your accounts, especially when it ads to your savings. When you're starting out saving, every little bit counts. I enjoy seeing my debts reduce and my savings ramp up. One day I'll be that multimillionaire I dream of ;)

A good book - There's nothing like trawling through a garage sale or second hand store and finding a bargain book for half a buck. Sometimes it even turns into a ripping read and you'll spend hours on the couch lost in the written world. At the moment I'm reading Closing Ceremonies by Harold King and it's not bad so far, even if it is a little outdated now (it's as old as I am)

A job well done - Okay this is going to sound weird and I know a lot of people don't like this particular chore but I actually enjoy mowing the lawn...because of how nice it looks when you put some effort it. And when I do it I like to have some great music going and I don't like to stop until its done. It's like giving your lawn a haircut, right down to trimming the stick out hairs with a whipper snipper...
And who doesn't enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass? (Well those who don't suffer from hayfever that is)

Red, red wine - My wife cooked up a brilliant red wine casserole in the slow cooker the other night and managed to find a bottle of red in the cupboard I'd forgotten I'd bought ages ago. Yay, suprise wine! It never really lasts long in this house but a glass with dinner I find a fantastic addition after a long day at work.

Punch, kick, lift, wash rinse repeat - There's nothing like kicking your own ass in a workout or getting someone to show you how to do it. Now get out there and lift something dummy! :)

And finally, hug your kids people - They don't give a damn about how much money you make or stock you own, how much your boss is riding you or deadlines. They're happy to see you and they want to give you a damn good hug to say how much they miss you. So hug em already and feel instantly better :)
Don't have kids? Hug a pet...but be carefully with fish.


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