Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Plan nothing, do everything - The random adventures of a bloke in Bendigo

It's been a random few weeks recently. Grab yourself an imported brew and let me tell you about it.

Ready for this?

- I went for an egg and bacon toastie one morning and instead ran into a friend from school I haven't seen for years. In the limited time we spent catching up we discussed everything from working with kids, Toyota's with Lexus badges and random drives to places you haven't been for years. She is also the only person I know with a smiley face tattoo in her armpit. Amazingly I didn't ask exactly how much hurt you have to go through to sport a tat there as my toastie was getting a bit cold..

- My wife and I are expecting our next child in about 14 days and around work I keep getting asked 'any news yet?'. While I am tempted to say 'Yes our new child is here and I've just left the whole family to their devices while I answer some possibly important emails here at work' I instead shake my head and hold up a sign that says Soon...

- I interviewed the guy who came up with the concept of Wilfred. Yes that Wilfred. He happily shared that the idea came from going home with a girl and having her dog watch his smooth mamba moves in the bedroom. If I created a series from my time between the sheets it'd most likely a cross between The Walking Dead and Gold Rush. (Make of that what you will :P)

Amazing concept..

- Today in the latest episode of 'Getting fit with the crew at Secret Men's Business' we were introduced to the sled. No not a fun 'jump on and lets cruise down this snowy mountain for a massive bucket of potent egg nog at the end' kind of sled, more like 'forged in the fires of hell I am THE SLED and prepare for me to HEADBUTT YOUR SHOULDERS INTO PASTE.' You throw weight plates on it and push the damn thing from one side of the room to the other, grunting and groaning all the way. The sled doesn't get lighter, your muscles just give us more with every pass. It's now on the list of 'Exercise equipment that's trying to kill me', up there with kettle bells and squat racks.

- I'm attempting to sell my Soarer at the moment and the highlight of putting it up for sale has to the be the bloke who text me and asked me for the ROCK BOTTOM ABSOLUTE WILL NOT BUDGE ANY FURTHER WON'T TAKE A CENT LESS price, which I gave him (hey he asked.) 30 seconds later he texts an offer $2000 less. Amazing. I'm not sure which online school of business and negotiation he downloaded his degree from but with those skills, it can't have been cheap.

- On Sunday I trawled through the 22,000 stalls at the Bendigo Swap Meet. While I couldn't tell a gasket from a gilmer drive (actually that's a lie, I didn't see any gilmer drives on offer) my father in law Barry was in hog heaven and could sniff out a 'Flat block side valve trippled webbered short block with forged internals' from a mile off. Amazingly after inspecting everything that was on offer all I walked away with was a hot pie and a weak coffee while Baz took home some cog thing for a low five bucks.

Parts of a 57 Chev

- That's always where I found this. A bargain (to someone I guess).

- I inspected a 2000 Nissan Stagea. Ripper car. I was quite impressed by working power steering (I have it in the Soarer but only at high speeds - damn pump), the shifter buttons on the steering wheel and the fact that even though it's been in the country since 2008, it still has the Japanese emergency roadside flare in the holder in the passenger side footwell. I've seen the holder before (my old Rx7 had one ) but it's the first time I've seen the flare up close.
I wonder if still works..(and will hail the nearest roadside assistance vehicle if I suddenly pop smoke..)

- I have no idea where I found this (don't judge me because I read a lot of junk on the net okay?) but you can thank me for it later. Right after you spend an entire afternoon hacking away at Golden Axe. (Seriously, why didn't I pick the Dwarf the first time around?) So much wasted youth, so many glorious arcade memories. (Also check out Violence Fight, one of the best named games ever.)

- And finally friends and I were discussing Johnny Rockets the other day, the 50's dinner that you could visit in the 90s. There was a mini jukebox on every table and occasionally the staff would stop what they were doing and bust out a routine. Yes like a flash mob but with table service and burgers and people using 'hip' slang with your order.
Actually in hindsight I can see why those kinds of restaurants aren't around anymore...


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