Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Excuse me, do you have a charger for a V600?

You now how it's useful to have a backup mobile/cell phone in case the main one you use goes belly up? 

Well my main one went belly up this morning...and I'll be damned if I know where any of my spares have gone.,

This morning my Samsung Galaxy S4 suddenly decided that it didn't have a SIM card on board. Which is interesting because it does have a SIM in it, the same SIM that's always called the Galaxy home. 

You're not fooling anyone, there is a sim in there.
So now I had a phone that could Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, IFTTT and everything else its done...aside from using the phone as an actually phone or communicate over the network without a nearby wi-fi to leach off.
(Still makes a great alarm though,)

After ignoring the advice of everyone who suggested I switch to an Iphone to fix this problem (I actually went to the Android from Apple after endless frustration trying to do anything) I took the phone back to the Telstra shop I got it from for a new SIM...which didn't end up solving the problem.
Luckily it turns out the phone is still under warranty which means I can send it back to the factory for a refurb, using a back up phone in the meantime while the Samsung Tech's poke and prod the SIM holder back into some semblance of life. That is if I could find one of my backup phones...

Somewhere around this mad mansion of mine should be the following: A Motorola V600, A Motorola Razr (can't remember which model) and a Sony Ericson K800i. I say should as 1) I can't find any of them currently and 2) I can't remember if I threw them out or not. Of course if I did manage to track down one of my former models of mobile/ cell phones it still wouldn't be a full guarantee of back-uppedness as finding their respective chargers would probably be even more time consuming and frustrating exercise.

Damn, I was kind of hoping to at least resurrect the V600 and hark back to an era where I had a lot more hair, my pockets would bulge with the full size of the clam shell phone closed and I would make an annoying BRIP BRIP noise as my stride down the work hallway would constantly change the volume up and down with the outside button.
Ahh good times.

It must be around here somewhere...


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