Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Larry from Tech Support

Boy did I get a doozy of a tech support guy this morning..

I didn't catch their name (and by the time the call was finished I felt it was safer if I didn't..) so for the sake of Internet anonymity lets just call him Larry...

Since my internet took a nosedive last night, I ended up calling Tech Support this morning and amazingly only had to wait 60 seconds before being put through to a human operator. Hilariously, I ended up with a guy who loved to chat and laugh so much he probably shed a tear when the phone call ended. Where Larry was located was anyone's guess but as the Lord of Larryland, he was there to help!

Some personal highlights from my chat with Larry this morning:

"My man!" - He called me this, a lot.

"Oh yeah, I can fix that. I'm going to fix this for you my man!"

"Can I just say, you have a very unique name! Your surname,'re like a warrior!"

"Did you have a hearty breakfast this morning my man? I am envious"

"Day off work my man? So lucky yeah!"

Larry and his wife.

"So cool, so cool.." - when I read out my mobile number as requested.

"Oh that's an old modem...let me just check if it's under warranty....oh no, not good. Warranty ended 2012. That's uh....yeah over."

"I can fix it but it might fall over again next week. Or tomorrow. Or next month. I don't know my man."

"My man, it's been good to talk to you. God bless."

I'm picturing Larry on a surfboard while taking calls. Probably with a bong strapped to the front of the board.

And why oh why after having on and of problems for the last twelve months, is Loopy Larry the only one that actually pointed out that my current modem is out of date and problematic??

Thanks for the heads up then Larry!


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