Friday, January 13, 2017

Ghosts in the VOIP machine

Big shout out today to Corey the NBN technician who not only called me to tell me that he was going to be there earlier than expected, he also turned out to the be the world's happiest installation technician. Luckily he didn't hang around long enough to watch me completely confuse myself on what to plug where into this shiny new box on the garage wall...

Me attempting to setup the net at home

I think my first problem was Googling 'Archer D7 NBN' and then getting dismayed over how many people pointed out that my choice of router was not the ideal choice for connecting up to the National Broadband Network (well it's the only one I have and therefore it stays..)

Apparently many people had used the same router but encountered problems and I was really hoping that when I plugged everything in all processes would high five themselves and happily work together.
But no, this is me and this was definitely not the case.

In fact I spent the next 6 hours trying to work out why the Archer D7 could see a connection but flat out refused to do anything with it. In the end (and it's something I should have tried earlier on) I switched everything off (Archer D7, laptop plugged into the D7 and even the NBN box) and when I turned everything back on, wouldn't you know it? Suddenly everything found the ip address and details they needed and suddenly I had NBN. After weeks of just using our data plans on our phones to access the net (with some very spotty reception in the new place) this was such an amazing freedom.

Don't let anyone tell you this doesn't work with NBN, it does but there's a little bit of playing around and troubleshooting involved.

Then of course I tried to install my VOIP ATA (Netcomm V210P) that I picked up on Gumtree for a bargain $10 and completely fluffed that up. Another four hours later I gave up and went to work instead where after a couple of hours I realised through a quick search that I'd put in the wrong options once again.

This is what I worked out:

Select DHCP instead of PPPOE when plugging it into your router. Even though NBN is PPPOE you're plugging this box into your router and it needs DHCP to copy the IP settings it needs.
The phone cord to the NBN box is not needed.The cord from the ATA to the phone stays of course.
Once plugged in and set up, go and do something else for at least 20 minutes so it can find its feet.
Give the ATA a couple of resets until it tells you that it's now connected and off you go!  

Thinking that was the end of it I went to work slightly chuffed with the fact that I didn't have to call tech support to bail me out for anything. Only when I arrived home later that night my wife informed me that the 'phone has been ringing randomly from the numbers 1000 and 2000 and there's no one on the other end..'

Cheap, basic, working. Possible haunted.

Right, so now that's my next problem - sorting out these 'ghost' phone calls and making sure only family and people who want to give me money call through..

Bu hey, at least I know it works now!


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