Saturday, May 6, 2017

So I've just published my first ever book...

And it's now up on sale for just 99 cents at the Amazon marketplace!


So if you've loved the strange tales and crazy adventures of this site, now for less than a cup of the world's worst coffee you can grab a copy of my book featuring some of the strangest adventures I've found myself on in the last 17 years of working in radio. Including:

-Learning how to drive a monster truck
-The one and only competitive game of basketball I hilariously crashed through
-Attempting to sell a pair of sex dice at a garage sale
And having to pour live cockroaches over a hystrical woman in a bathtub (and I wish I was joking here)

Keen? Jump to the page right here to find out more. And if you don't have a Kindle to read it on, that's okay too because there's a free app for both iPhone and Android that can read it just as well!

And get set, the next installment is coming out in roughly 30 days! Enjoy!


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