Friday, August 4, 2017

I'm building a computer. Brace for impact.

So I'm building a computer at the moment and in my usual 'nothing goes to plan' plans, funnily enough nothing has gone to plan...

So what kind of computer? Well it's nothing fancy, just a cheapish box that's a bit quicker on the uptake than my current computer which I built a long long time ago. Something that will load up quicker than a slow week and not bog down in confusion when trying to do two things at once. And to keep it well and truly under budget, I've been shopping for parts through Gumtree, eBay and Facebook classifieds. And this is where my adventures well and truly unfolded.

- I found a motherboard the next suburb over but when I messaged about it the seller explained that he was at the local hospital for the birth of his latest child and wouldn't be back home for a couple of days. A few hours later he messaged me to let me know someone had offered more for the board and other parts and so he was taking that offer instead. Scratch that one off the list.

- So i bought a basic motherboard from a computer store instead. So shiny, so much, much bits. All I needed now was a few bits and pieces to get it all up and running.

 - The first thing I ordered was a better cpu fan just in case (what case? Nothing stupidly taxing would be happening on this machine..) and ended up getting a Gammaxx 300 through ebay. This turned out to be a bit bigger than I imagined and had Baz the visiting father in law wonder what 'that mini oil cooler on your desk' actually does. Still it fits, it works and unless a passing sparrow gets sucked it when it's on, it'll do the trick just fine.

 - A stick of ram was next and I found one through Facebook in no time flat. This of course failed to even make it to my door as I'll explain shortly.

 - Now finding a decent processor at a decent price was a bit tricky. I just missed out on a bargain i5 on ebay and so had to resort to Facebook classifieds for a possibility. I did find what I was after and made an offer but the seller ask for $20 more. 'Hmm I'll just wait for a better bargain..' and a mere 20 minutes later he offered the same price again but he'd throw in a stick of ram to sweeten the deal. Lovely! Money was sent and a week later a box arrived at my house with the processor I'd asked for but no ram. Instead it was sitting in the middle of a motherboard, under a factory fan. So now I have two motherboards, two fans, no ram. Going well. (It's not a bad thing though, I certainly can find a use for that second board..)

 -While all this was going on I was also in the hunt for a new(er) case to hold all these wonderful bits and pieces and found one 20 mins away from work. The only trouble was trying to organise a time where both parties would be happy to meet. We organised quite a few times in the end over the space of a week (he forgot to bring the case to his work one day so we had to cancel that plan) and on the day I had to go to work early he wasn't available...gah. Eventually we organised a time, I got the directions and promptly got lost. Then had to find an atm to get some cash. Then finally found the correct place. However there were no strange surprises in this transaction as the case was perfect and he'd even included a dvd burner to fit the missing plate. Since I needed one, this was the perfect bonus. Onya Max!

-Of course it's a huge case for my tiny motherboard but it lights up in parts which I think is hilarious and has just enough room for my chunky cooler and long graphics card. Awesome.

-Now remember the first ram stick? I messaged the seller a couple of times then replied another of his ads on Facebook but didn't get an answer til this morning. Apparently he tested the stick and it didn't work so he binned it. He thought he messaged me about it (of course not) but kindly sent back all they money I paid for it. So still no ram but I haven't been ripped off. So more than likely when I have time this arvo I'll be off to the shops this arvo to see what I can find.
(And that didn't work well either 'According to the computer we got three ddr3 sticks in yesterday but I don't know where the co worker put them and he's gone home sick so...' Of course.)

-In putting together all the bits I do have, it looks like a mad woman's breakfast in there. Hilarious. I'm sure there's an art to it but I just want to get this bastard up and running before I worry about aesthetics.

 -I also scored a free desk to replace my previous free desk which is terrible. However when Picked up this desk late at night on the way home it barely fit in the back of the Warwagon without a lot of pushing and grunting where it suddenly fell to bits. Great. Thankfully Mr Fix it (Baz) was more than happy to give it a going over with the limited tools in my shed so now it's stronger than ever. Go Baz!

So now I'm on the hunt for just one sole, lonely stick of working ram. Knowing me I'll order it from somewhere and end up with 4 cases, 9 dvd burners and a goat instead. I'll update this post when the final bits arrive...wish me luck!


I missed out on another eBay bargain (I'm getting good at this...) and instead drove down the nearest computer shop to purchase some ram. Incredibly after putting everything in I turned it on and...nothing exploded! It works!!!!
It's faster, quieter and far better looking that my old pc. Even my old logitech speakers don't buzz when plugged into this thing. Amazing!

Things are going better than planned!
Beep beep beep I'm a computer!
Now with that all done, what am I going to shift my attention to next I wonder...


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