Monday, September 11, 2017

Who is this idiot with the bells on his head? #freebie

My new book is set to be released on Sept 22 and it's fair to say that I'm excited. Stupidly excited.

So excited in fact that I want to give you a preview copy of it right now. No tricks, traps or me turning up one day to repossess your Ferrari - just the first third of the book. If you like it, feel free to grab the rest of this latest adventure for the stupidly low price of 99 cents US..

 So who is this idiot with the bells on his head?

A very clean shaven me in cartoon form! Yes that's me, that's my old house. Anyone who set foot in the place knows all too well that I have stories about it. Many of them. Now they're in book form!

Intriguing! Tell me more!

Sure! Here's the blurb!

Al bought a house. Al bought a house that started to attract some very weird people like the local sheriff, an ex-criminal, charity collectors and a screaming banshee. Al bought a house that was full of things that didn't make any sense, like the possible swingers party/ opium den back shed and the mystery under house speaker. Al bought a house and with his budget of not much at all, attempted to patch things up with his next to zero skills in DIY often making things hilariously worse. Al bought a house and along the way created an undead mower, fought against diarrhetic sparrows, waged war against mafia roses and glued himself together with liquid nails. 
And then Al had to sell the house in a hurry.
The hilariously true story of harrowing home ownership by a guy who came, saw and conquered absolutely nothing at all. Full of handy advice of what not to do when rolling up the sleeves and essential reading if you're in the position to finally stop renting and move into a place you can't wait to call your own.

And you want to give me a copy of this? 

Sure do, a preview copy! Think of it as the first third of the book. If you like what you read then you can buy it from the 22nd of September onwards (although it's far easier just to preorder it now). If you don't like it, it's not your kettle of tea or cup of fish (wait...) then you do not have to do anything. Just accept my thanks for picking up a copy and having a read through.

I want to preview it! Gimme gimme!

No problems, this link will take you right there. Pop in your details, let the book delivery service know which format you'd like, crack open your favourite brew and enjoy your free preview read.

And if I want to pre-order this intriguing read for the low once off price of just 99 cents US?

Easily done. Just jump to the Amazon page right here and off you go. Once you pre-order Amazon will send you a copy on the 22nd. Enjoy with my compliments!

But...I don't have a kindle! :(

Hey, join the club. Luckily you can use Amazon's free app through IOS or Android (Google Play) and download and read from there. How easy is that!

Are you looking for reviewers for this beast?

Sure am! If you've reviewed books like mine before and would be keen for an ARC (and know what that means) drop me a comment on this post and I'll be in touch.

Right, now that's me done for tonight. Off to the beer fridge. The countdown to September 22 is well and truly underway! Wish me luck!

-Al Shield


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