Monday, January 29, 2018

So I think I'm becoming Old Bill..

Well well well, what's going on here then?
Thanks to an influx of British cop dramas both in book and DVD format, I think I'm slowly morphing into a officer of the fine blue British line..

I called my boss 'Guv' today by accident. He certainly doesn't look like a police governor, doesn't speak like a police governor and doesn't drop any British police slang into any of his daily instructions to me but still earned a 'hi Guv' from yours truly when I answered the phone. If this affected him in any way he did mention so I might try it a couple more times and see if something sticks. 

I blame a couple of things for this. Firstly this bloody well gripping and hideously addictive British Detective series Unforgotten - thanks to my own mother I became addicted at trying to work out myself who knocked off the stiff in the suitcase and my holidays in Melbourne couldn't continue until I watched all of the series, worked out who did it and picked up some rozzer slang along the way. Well brilliant.

No seriously, watch it. It's bloody great guv!

The second culprit in my 'Officer Almigo' transformation has to be Ben Aaronovitch, amazing author of the well written and fun reads of the Rivers of London series. The main player in this book is constable Grant - great detective, half decent wizard, speaker of many British police lingo and very memorable character.

I've just finished Broken Homes which was brilliant and The Furthest Station (which was okay but not as good as Broken Homes) and I'm currently attempting to teach the dog to bark at ghosts and vestigia (you'll have to read the books to learn what that means) while also explaining to the better half about hanging out with China Plates, comparing the wagon to an Asbo and pretending my Huawei is an airwave (still working out what this one actually is..)

So is there hope for me? Or am I doomed to continue to accidentally throw the word 'Guv' around alot, order a lot of sarnies and attempt to book my workmates in for a bit of a stint in her Majesties finest? (You're nicked son!)

Maybe I should go back to watching the entire season of Leverage again and go off in a completely different direction...

Any ideas Guv?


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