Friday, February 16, 2018

I'm so confused about this Facebook ad

So I was just surfing through Facebook marketplace this morning on the hunt for some Xbox One bargains (mine arrives very soon) and I came across an ad for a pair of lounges that really stands a truly confusing way.

Not this couch, I just put this up here in case you forgot what one looks like..

For sale: Double and triple seater lounge $50.

Ooh that's not a bad price for a pair of couches, let's look at the first photo..

Wait, what the hell is going on here? That doesn't look that comfortable for one person to stretch out on let alone two. And what is the woman in black holding...a hamster?

Is this the post shot of a gruelling 'tackle the hamster holder' game I just invented in the last ten seconds?

I mean I get the use of models to sell a product but maybe not comatose ones stacked on top of each other. Unless the seller is going for a 'great to sleep on...under a human blanket vibe' in which case A+ for effort. Thankfully there's another photo to explore.

Ahh that's better, our helpful models are awake and posing like two happy hamster holder' tacklers after a little snooze session. This will really hone home how comfy and social this couch real-

What is...
What exploded on the floor??

Is that from the couch? Is the couch melting away from one too many games of tackle the hamster holder? Did someone stomp a remote to death? What's going on here?

Amazingly that's all the pictures that came with this post. No actual pictures of the couch without examples on how to sit or lie on one (on top of someone holding a hamster). I'd ask to see more pictures just for my own amusement but they might think I'm actually keen on buying the things and try to upsell me a hamster.


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