Thursday, March 1, 2018

Look at me, I'm casting and vlogging all over the shop...

Casting and vlogging? Is that some kind of weird medieval ritual involving making implements out of metal and then flogging vandals with it? Not even close...

Perhaps I should elaborate. I'm podcasting and videologging.

In yet another pair of bandwagon activities I'm late to the party on, I've been working on a bit of content with a good mate of mine and some just by my lonesome.


A fellow Al and I have created a podcast called 'Who the hell?' where we catch up with either a very prominent name and throw some out of the ordinary questions at them or someone with an incredible story to share.
So far the guests have been nothing but amazing in getting right into the mood of things and coming up with some really entertaining stories.

Episode 1 - Ian Moss

The gun guitarist makes us thirst for a quality glass of red wine and unleashes his love of fast cars.

Episode 2 - Scott Hargrave

The Head Brewer from Balter Beer retraces his steps from laying concrete to producing award winning beer with a bunch of surfing mates.

Episode 3 - Adam Brand

Country music sensation Adam Brand swings by to chat smells, sledgehammers and mishaps with milk crates...

LET'S VATCH THIS LOG! (Rumblings from the road)

A few thoughts every week or so while I hit the road on the daily commute to work.

Episode 1 - Reunions

Why my ten year reunion turned out to be one of the most boring nights of my life...

Episode 2 - Cat's choice?

I'm curious about a job at the kitty litter factory and whether you'd admit that gig to friends and family...

So after watching a couple (or hopefully all of them, I need the numbers) what did you think? Can't wait for the next one or giving the whole lot a wide berth? Let me know in a comment below!


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