Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Okay, who stabbed me in the back?

Okay, not literally. But it sure does feel like someone has sunk something sharp where sharp things should not be sunk.

And it's amazing how I've been taking just turning my head for granted right up until now..

Now I have consulted some non internet based medical advice and after seeing the word 'announcer' on my medical history and wondering if I called races for a living my Doctor determined that it was more than likely a large back muscle playing funny buggers and nothing terminal.
So my lung hasn't torn itself from it's lining and there's no alien embryo lodged in there ready to explode out of my back which is great news.
The solution: stretching and painkillers.

How did I manage to do this? No bloody idea. It may have started when trying to fire up the mower, taking the kids for a bike ride, shopping across the weekend, hitting the weights or even unloading the dishwasher. Could have been anything really. I felt sore on Sunday arvo, started moving like an unoiled robot yesterday and did the walk of 1000 grunts to the kitchen this morning, surprised I wasn't up to the cartwheel to my morning coffee stage yet. So here I am, stretched on the couch trying to spend the day with the bare minimum of movement to give my back muscle the best chance to repair itself..or at least get to the point where I'm not cursing like a deranged warlock with every step.

I am banging out this blog post from this position.

Goes without saying too that it's happened on a busy week. When nothing happens during the week, I have the toughness of a terminator fresh out of the Skynet factory. When I'm stupidly busy, that's when my back decides it's the ideal time to lay low.
How does it know? Another question for the universe really.

Still, it's my second sick day from work in as many years so my track record is still pretty solid.

Thankfully my 3 year old daughter is playing Home Doctor with the occasional Doc McStuffinesque check up so I'm under good care. Although I've watched far too many LOL doll YouTube clips from my couch position this morning, I guess that's the payment for her services.

So, anyone got some good stretches for a bunged up trapezious muscle?


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