Sunday, June 24, 2018

When Pavel met Tim and taught me a tonne

Meet Pavel Tsatouline: Chairman of Strong First, fitness author, swinger of some very heavy kettlebells and a no nonsense straight talking strength coach who has trained some of the toughest SOB's on the planet...

Meet Tim Ferris: Author, blogger, efficiency expert, creator of the 4 Hour Work Week/ Body /Chef and legendary podcaster. The guests he has had on his podcast are nothing short of extraordinary.

I make no secret of my enjoyment of Tim's work - if you haven't checked out his amazing in depth and revealing chats with Jamie Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Richard Betts then you're really missing out. Go and grab them now, load them up on a usb stick (or burn them to a cd) chuck them in the car and go for a long drive while tuning in.
You can thank me later.
Also his books are well worth more than a browse too (particularly Tribe of Mentors which is a ripping read - I'll chuck up some links to both these guys work down the bottom of the post.)

Anyway Tim sat Pavel down for a big chat and ended up creating something incredible enthralling, educational and something that changed the way I lift things out in the backyard completely overnight.

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I'm not going to bore you with the details every lift, grunt, smug grin and deep breath involved in my latest post podcast weights session but I will advise that if you want to get strong (as opposed to looking like you're strong) then you need to listen to Pavel. Then follow up with the episode where he takes over the hosting duties and answers questions. Then go back and listen to them both again to absorb even more the second time around.

Again, you can thank me later (when you smash a personal record that's been eluding you for some time.)

Tim's first chat with Pavel is right here. I think you'll enjoy it as much as he did recording it and firing off the questions. 

Pavel's follow up can be found right here: (yes same link) I listened to them back to back and learnt a tonne. I'm planning on doing it all over again soon to undoubtedly pick up on plenty that I missed the first time around.
There's also a transcript of the Q&A session here.



I mentioned before that I've read a few of Tim's books (Tools of Titans, 4 Hour work week, Tribe of Mentors) and found interesting bits of use in all of them so far. Here's a few more you can check out (Amazon) 


I'm yet to try any of Pavel's books yet but after that incredible podcast, it's only a matter of time before I sink my teeth into them. Kettlebell Simple and Sinister looks like a good place to start.


Let me know when you've checked out the chat yourself - I'm curious to see if it changed your sessions as much as it did mine. 

Till then. stay strong!


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