Monday, August 13, 2018

Came for the inspiration, stayed for the zombie and the coconuts..

So I was looking for some inspirational music to get inspired and fling around half a tonne in the backyard like it was no tough task.

What I happily tripped over instead was a classy looking gangster, his pet dancing zombie and a bunch of coconuts.

God I love Youtube sometimes.
Firstly, I discovered Kid Creole and his Coconuts when I clicked on a link through the Fitocracy App and ended

(Goodness me, where do you start with such lovable madness?)


At best guess: Endicott has discovered some kind of super dooper Viagra and cocaine hybrid and can't wait to get home each to do some bible reading the nasty with his happy wife. Meanwhile the crazed fashion harem/neighbourhood hot dog party next door just look on in wonderment at the dancing sex machine and his bouncy footed lust.
Poor Kid Creole can't seem to cop a break either as the jealous coconuts continually berate him for not keeping up to the standards of the drug fuelled sex maniac who lives next door...even though the party is obviously happening on the left side of the neighbourhood.
Oh did I mention they all live on one island only accessible by hot air balloon? I don't know if I'd trust a horny Endicott to pilot anything in the buzzed up state though..

"Endicott don't use no drug at all..."

Yeah I'm not buying that one...

So I moved to another amazing video and got thrust back to 1982 and one of the greatest live music experiences you're ever going to see! No seriously - the funk, the vibe, the crowd, the horns - it's all going on here in the case of the missing coconuts!

Did I mention the horns? This bloke just about gives himself a coronary belting out some

Summoned by the Valhalla horns, halfway through the piece the jerky zombie appears!

He dances around for a big, plays some drums, straps on some boxing gloves and then grabs a couple of guys out of the audience to dance with him. All in the one song!

Dressed like some voodoo fashion designer/ stylish angel of death, the hero of the piece Kid Creole comes out and explains that you can take everything away from him, aside from his coconuts. Even his Burger King and Italian Ice (?) is fair game but don't you dare attempt to liberate his coconuts.

Sadly it seems the song is a little too little, too late as the coconuts from the Endicott film clip fail to show up in this concert extravaganza. But that doesn't stop the battleship sized levels of energy coming off every single performer, watch and enjoy!

According to Wikipedia the Kid and his Coconuts are still performing to this day which is amazing. While it hasn't inspired me to do any lifting, watching the live gig gives me a boost for the day like a nice strong cup of coffee.

Remember: Don't take his coconuts!


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