Monday, August 25, 2014

10 random thoughts of an old car owner..

As a car owner of nothing past the year 1994, these are thoughts I have often. Can you relate to any yourself?


1. Why is the cheap part that I really need to finish off my project always on the other side of the country? (And by the time I factor in freight, it won't be much of a bargain anymore..)

2. Why is it when I buy a car, I always find a better and cheaper version a couple of weeks later?

3. Oh god, what the hell is that noise?

4. Hey...where is that smoke coming from?

5. Well I haven't seen that warning light before...

6. Please don't pull me over for a random car inspection, pleeeease don't pull me over for a random car inspection...

7. Seriously that noise is back again, where exactly is it coming from? And does it sound a little louder this time?

8. Oh that's not going to be a cheap repair..

9. The only way I'll get any of the money back on this thing is by parting it out...

10. Okay so it is a little louder. But it's still working so I'll leave it for a bit..

All at once, a new record!


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